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Brisbane’s Best Late Night Hairdresser

By Desta Cullen
25th Mar 2014

Being busy and looking good can often be conflicting values. We're all striving for the balance between a perfect career, an enriching (and Instagram-able) social life, and for that perfectly coiffed appearance, all at the same time (which can be quite the challenge when your only designated beauty time is the 45 minutes between your morning Pilates class and your 9:00am business meeting). 

And the fact that many of our favourite hairdressers are only open during business hours doesn't help any.

So, you can imagine our collective glee when we discovered Peppa Hair Design in Paddington, one of the few great Brisbane hairdressers who offer their mane-maintenance services on two late nights a week.

Because the staff (all of whom are senior stylists) believe that the most important part of your cut and colour is the time you take with your stylists before they start cutting your tresses, Peppa Hair also offers longer appointment times than other salons to ensure you get the level of care you deserve (read: chocolate biscuits, a relaxing session in the chair, and a haircut that is unique, created just for you, with minimal fuss).

Peppa Hair Design is also a family run business, and the salon manager is the owner, so you know your hair is in good hands. Their salon philosophy is 'Love is in the hair', which is not only a cute pun, but also how you'll feel after you've been in for a visit: loved up, and looking fly.

Another win: Peppa Hair might be conveniently located on Given Terrace in Paddington, but that doesn't mean you'll be paying based on location, rather than service. Peppa Hair's services are all very reasonably priced, which means you'll have change left over to spend on other important things (shoes to go with your new hair, duh).

As well as a second-to-none personalised styling approach, Peppa Hair also offer ombre, hair extensions, eyelash and eyebrow tints, and men's and children's style cuts.

Peppa Hair are open for late night appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Click here for all the details or to make an appointment.

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