Pack Your Trackies, Brisbane Is Getting An Actual Snowfield This Winter

By Ranyhyn Laine
2nd Jul 2020

a woman picking up snow

Up here in Queensland, winter is more of a passing thought than an actual season. If we’re lucky, we can put on a jumper in the morning and keep it on past lunch. Sure, we’ve got all the glorious beaches and tropical getaways, but during the middle year, sometimes we just want a bit of icy wind and the mercury to get below 15℃. For all the frustrated winter lovers out there, have we got news for you. 

Thanks to Snowtime! by Brisbane Holiday Village, you can enjoy a proper winter at home, which includes snow, toboggans and snowside accommodation. That’s right, you can pelt your loved ones with real snowballs, race down (small) slopes in toboggans, and attempt to build a snowman without any winter gloves (warning, it hurts). 

To access the exclusive snowfield, all you have to do is book a cabin at the Brisbane Holiday Village in Eight Mile Plains between 6 and 11 July, with two two hour snow sessions happening each day. So pack a bag, tell the kids you’re taking them on a winter holiday, and find out more here

If you prefer to create your own winter wonderland, order one of these mulled wine kits

Image credit: Drew Farwell 

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