Brisbane’s Best Avocado on Toast | Round Two

By Kim Barnard
23rd Jul 2013

And now for something completely different . . . or not. Ok, ok, so we've written about our love of the genius that is avocado on toast before. Not only is it an indicator (we believe) of how a café will perform in other areas, but it is just such a refreshingly simple option, when more and more menus are being filled with convoluted breakfast dishes with ingredients lists that go on forever.

Plus, we've put in the hard yards, sampling enough of Brisbane's avocado on toast excellence to justify a round two on this most important of topics. 

It's been a hard slog, but we've done it. And, so, without further ado, we bring you the latest AOT creations that are rocking our world.

Here's where to go to get Brisbane's best avocado on toast:

Alcove Café & Deli|
We wrote a Verdict on Alcove last week, and their avo' on toast was the star of the show. It's got fetta and dukkah, for a surprising (but successful) middle-eastern twist, and it's just yummy.

One of our absolute favourite brekky spots, Scout, on Petrie Terrace, has the avocado on toast formula down pat. Their smashed avocado and goats fetta with herbs, olive oil, and lemon, served on pane is simply delicious, and if you are clever enough to add a side of chorizo or Kaiserfleisch, well, bravo.

Au Cirque
The trick with avocado on toast is often that there should be no tricks. Cirque got the message, and their simple, sliced avocado atop perfectly toasted bread (their gluten-free option is a winner, also), with fresh, well-seasoned tomato on top is a beautiful thing to behold. Can't go wrong.

Bean on Dean
This Toowong local, tucked away on Dean St, is busy for a reason. Choosing to ignore the temptation to produce a food menu packed with complicated options, the Bean on Dean crew have opted to do a few, simple things, really well. The avo' on toast is their calling card (along with the Campos coffee) and there are a few different options if you're in the mood to be choosy.

Served simply, with olive oil and lemon, Brew's Burnett Lane hideaway does an excellent avo'. The generous serving size is yet another reason we keep coming back.

Proof that good things come in small packages, Pablo, on Brunswick Street in New Farm, is giving everyone else a run for their money in the breakfast stakes, and their avo' doesn't disappoint. Seasoned avocado on sourdough, haloumi (the perfect addition to anything, always), minted labna, dukkah-roasted tomatoes, basil, salt, and avocado oil. Um, shut up.

The Rogue Rennard
Another one of our faves (yes, commitment is not our strong suit), RR has got it going on when it comes to simple fare and great coffee. Plus, they're just . . . COOL. Their take on avo' involves Persian fetta, crushed pine nuts and pistachio, fleur de sel (aka fancy salt), finished with lemon and cracked pepper. You've got the option of ordering one slice or two but, really, who are you kidding?

The Flying Nun
Apart from having one of the best names in the biz, The Flying Nun café in Samford has developed somewhat of a cult following from locals who can't get enough of its classic breakfasts. Their avo' is simple and delish—what more can you ask for?

Flamingo Cafe
It's not just the peanut butter brownies and banoffee pie we go for at Flamingo (although, let's be frank, these treats don't hurt)—their avo' on toast is also a winner. Smashed avocado plus creamy labna, on perfect toast = winning.

An eastside favourite, Pompidou's breakfasts are simply sensational. And we love their take on the humble avocado . . . crushed with grapefruit (for a lovely tang), olive oil, and herbs. Yes, please.

Gramercy Espresso
There are few words to express our love for labna, and when you throw in a few herbs and generously dollop on top of some creamy avocado, we are pretty much yours. Gramercy does just that, which is why we love them.

There's nothing better than a suburban gem, and Delicatezza is exactly that. Their Avocado Char is famous with north-side locals and, with the addition of a pickled chutney and an amazing tomato sauce, served with charred ciabatta, we can see why.

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