Brisbane’s Best Butter Chicken

By Andrew Yap
21st Sep 2016

Best Indian Restaurants Brisbane

Although the weather is getting warmer, Brisbane’s evenings are still chilly enough to warrant a hearty bowl of something spicy and not even a little bit good for you from one of Brisbane’s best Indian restaurants. Why freeze when you can stay warm with a hearty serving of Indian butter chicken, we say!  This comfort food uses boneless chicken cooked on the tandoor, in a rich and often creamy, mild curry sauce. If you’re yet to experience the wonders of dipping your naan in a big old dish of butter chicken you’re not really living.

We know where to get Brisbane’s best butter chicken so you don’t have to travel all the way to India.

Punjabi Palace

South Brisbane

Punjabi Palace is the first in many Brisbane peeps go-to lists for butter chicken, and it should be in your books, too! Smooth, creamy, spicy and tasty is what they achieve here with their butter chicken, but you can’t go wrong with their samosas or any of their other curries for that matter. Wash it all down with a mango or rose lassi and let out a sigh of satisfaction. Spicy tip: they have discount specials on Wednesdays.

Raj's Palace Indian Restaurant

East Brisbane

Raj’s Palace dishes up food that’s a favourite of the locals and the people that would drive across town for their butter chicken. Seriously our mouths are watering thinking about their butter chicken with some garlic naan. They have some amazing tikka masala, rogan josh, and pakoras with spinach. It’s a spice bomb ready to hit you with some amazing flavours.

Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine

New Farm

Move over Chinatown—head straight to New Farm where Taj Mahal attracts Brisbane’s Indian restaurant fans. Even those who claim to not like Indian food could have their minds changed by the butter chicken here, which is highly praised as being one of the best in Brisbane. The fenugreek and the topping of almonds and cashews adds a new level to the dish and your expectations of butter chicken in general.

Mamak Tandoori House

Camp Hill

Mamak serves food unlike other typical Indian restaurants in Brisbane, making it well worth a visit. The term Mamak refers to the Malaysians who are of Tamil Muslim origin, migrating from India centuries ago. The food served at Mamak Tandoori House therefore comes in a smashed up combination of Malaysian and traditional Indian curries. Super juicy, tasty and smooth butter chicken is on the agenda, as well as assam fish, a typical sour Malaysian fish curry. Come here, let the spices kick in and wash it down with some ais bandung or iced rose milk.

Spice Avenue


While it’s located so far out East it’s hard to say that it’s in ‘Brisbane’ per se, Spice Avenue is rated highly by Brisbane lovers of curry and is one of the best Indian restaurants around. Purported by some to have the best curry in Queensland or even Australia, their butter chicken is hard to not fall in love with. They make their curries in a more UK style but still provide the wow factor that leaves you wanting more.

Scherhazade Indian Restaurant


Scherhazade breaks away from the pack providing exquisite service with their sumptuous curries. Nothing gets better than the tender meat they serve here that almost melts in your mouth. Take a drive out here to get your fix of ‘the best in the west’ when it comes to curries.

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