Brisbane, We Want You Tell Us Your Favourite Dessert

By Sophia McMeekin
18th Jun 2013

Here at The Urban List, we think the sweetest words in the English language are, 'would you like to see the dessert menu?'. And, perhaps not surprisingly, our answer is always, 'hell yeah, we would'.

brownie ice cream sandwich brisbane

Our relationship with dessert can at best be described as intense, at worst, a little bit obsessive. We can passionately argue the merits of a fine sticky date pud' versus a chocolate mousse for hours. Parfait, crème brulee, brownie, or good old ice cream: if it's on the dessert menu, chances are, we want to try it.

We think there's nothing worse than that heart-breaking moment at the end of the meal, when some party pooper obnoxiously declares they aren't going to order dessert, and you know everyone else is going to follow suit because no one wants to be the dessert desperado, so you quietly fantasise about stabbing that obnoxious person with your fork.

Sadly, we are still yet to sample every fine desert our city has to offer (not due to any lack of effort on our part, we assure you). So we're asking you to help us remedy this regrettable situation. We want you tell us where to find your favourite dessert in Brisbane. Let us know the location, and the specific dish that had you drooling.

Once you've nominated, your picks will be put to the public for a vote, and we'll leave it up to you to determine which dessert will be crowned Brisbane's Best.

So, get nominating!

Fill in the handy form below (it's easy, we promise!) and your suggestion will be registered.

Fill out my online form.

Our mouths are watering already.

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