Brisbane’s Best Dessert | Time To Vote!

By Kim Barnard
25th Jun 2013

There is no greater topic of discussion and debate in The Urban List office than that of what to eat. What's for lunch? What's for dinner? What's for afternoon treat (yes. that's a thing.)? Walk into our office at any time of day and your chances of hearing a version of one of these conversations is high.

So, when some readers asked us about where to find the best dessert in Brisbane, our food-obsessed office went into a sort of frenzy. 

Is the semifreddo from Beccofino better than the semifreddo from Restaurant Marca? The office is divided. 

What about the creme brulee from Willow & Spoon? Is it better than The Euro's delicious version? It got heated.

So, at the risk of coming to blows mid meeting, we decided to put the choice in the people of Brisbane's capable, dessert-loving hands, and asked, 'who does Brisbane's best dessert?'.

You came at us in droves, with suggestions from all corners of our fair city, and now we've whittled our list down to encompass the best of your sweet picks. But, that's not enough! No, no. We need a winner. Whoever said where you place doesn't matter clearly didn't win very often.

So, get your clickers ready because we are asking you to vote! From the shortlist below, which is best? Have you tried any? All of them (greedy!)? We want to know!

We'll give you this week to vote and then we'll be announcing the overall winner who will be crowned Brisbane's Best. Who will it be?

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Image credit: Pinterest

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