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Brisbane’s Best Gourmet Takeaway (For When You Want To Impress Guests)

By Catherine Blake
18th May 2016

brisbanes best takeaway

Where do you get a home cooked meal these days? Short of actually cooking it yourself, I mean.

Perhaps you’ve got a bit too much ambition and not enough diligence. You desperately want to be a glittering host just like Nigella, but lack the staying power to actually do all the stuff you’ve got to do. Mate, I feel you.

Or maybe you’re the type who absolutely loves this shtick. Roulades, multi-course dinners, crêpe flambé, you’ve got it on lock. That is, you’ve got it on lock when you have a functioning stovetop and all ten fingers working perfectly.

Whenever fate intervenes and throws you off-course, despair not because Brisbane has some saving graces that will save your bacon and fry it up in a shareable feast that will make all your friends gasp in admiration. We bring you Brisbane's best gourmet takeaway; it will save your butt and your tastebuds every time.

Pamela's Pantry


Grossly overestimated exactly how much you could get done and your exact culinary skill level? Cut yourself some slack and outsource the difficult components from Pamela’s Pantry so you can devote the brunt of your nimble talents to refining your signature dessert (or get Pamela to make that too). We love the beef and veggie pie and the light as a feather passionfruit sponge. Just sayin'.

Jocelyn's Provisions

New Farm

Just when you thought you were done with the shenanigans for the time being, it’s like BOOM: shenanigan. Whatever your ailment (unpaid gas bill, sprained wrist, chronic cbf) forego the drive-thru and call for some of Brisbane’s finest back-up at Jocelyn’s Provisions. They’re prepped with tonnes of meals for you to load up your freezer in case of those curveball emergencies that are always spannerising your works so you never get caught off-guard again.



Got a couple of nice bowls? Serving spoons? Congratulations, lunch is served. Botanica’s changing daily menu rotates through some of the freshest, leafiest salads in town so you don’t even have to touch a peeler to put on a killer spread. Their veggie operation trades out of Red Hill and Newstead 7 days a week. Don’t forget a box of treats from their counter of sweet things, you know, for balance.



Winter calls for comfort food. And there’s nothing more comforting and warming for your cockles than a big ole bowl of pasta. But you’ve been completely snowed under and all you’ve got in your fridge is half a tub of strawberry yoghurt and a handful of wilted kale in your crisper. Becco’s got your back, especially at the eleventh hour, with a neat selection of pasta to bring you back from the brink of despair and pop little grins on those cute little faces of yours.

Rogue Spice Canteen

Fortitude Valley

Picture the scene: you were busy doing other stuff until your phone buzzed to life with a reminder ‘Squad dinner at 7.30’. Flashback to the week previous when you invited them over for a home cooked meal. It’s 6.30 and you’ve done Jack. Whatever you do, DON’T PANIC just motor to Rogue Spice Canteen and order a haul of that primo curry with fixings. Perfect for when you were busy doing other stuff…

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Image credit: Yaseera Moosa

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