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Brisbane’s Best Health Food Stores

By Sarah Coates
6th Jan 2013

I can't decide if it is because it's a new year, or whether it's the swimsuit weather that is so abundant right now, but, increasingly, I find my thoughts turning towards the healthier side of the menu. I'm talking super foods, antioxidants, and organic produce. I want to hear about ancient grains that secluded tribes in the southern Andes have been eating for years—and they all live to be a hundred years old. I want to buy the goji berries, the acai berries, the bright green juices. So, where can I go in Brisbane to satisfy my desperate urge for an organic chia seed and amaranth pilaf, with flax seed sprinkles, and dried blueberries? Why, one of Brisbane's fine selection of health-food stores, of course! 

Fundamental Food Store

Fundamentals offers everything that a hot day's shopping in Paddington can inspire a girl to need. I can't be the only person inspired to healthfulness after a day of trying on clothes, can I? Anyway, for all of your organic eggs, dairy, grains, tofu, and everything else under the sun, Fundamentals Food Store has everything you need to treat your body as a temple. 

Northey Street Markets 

On every Sunday from 6:00 to 10:00am, Northey Street markets offers a miraculous selection of all the organic fruit and vegetables you could desire. And, when you think about it, fruit and vegetables are the original health food—am I right, guys? Along with organic meat, eggs, grains, flours, chocolate, and cocoa, this market is a treasure trove of wellness. 

Sun and Earth Organics

Offering to do the research for us, so that every purchase makes a positive impact on our health, the environment and the community, Sun and Earth is a place where it feels good to splurge. Sun and Earth have everything that any health-conscious body needs, as well as organic, and environmentally friendly cleaning and body products, which are a total boon for those of us whose skin raises a protest at the first sign of a chemical!

Pod Organics and Wholefoods

The new kids on the block, Pod Organics are offering a taste of the organic lifestyle to the Northside. Tucked away just off Stafford Road, they are easy to miss, if you don't know what you're looking for, but duck inside and find a treasure-trove of organic beans, grains, and other health products. And now that Pod Espresso has opened up next door, it's a one-stop-shop.

Wray Organics

Wray organics are a breath of fresh air to the health-food scene in Brisbane. Offering a purpose-built, organic grocery store, Wray promises a wealth of fantastic groceries and produce, not just a selection of vitamin pills and supplements. Here is a store where you can shop exactly the same as at any supermarket, but can walk away knowing that you have purchased all organic, healthy products. And they don't hit you too hard at the hip pocket, either. Winning!

TUL Note: Read about Sarah's exploits in the kitchen and beyond on her blog, The Sugar Hit. With a no calorie wastage policy, if it's no good it doesn't get past her lips. You can be sure only Brisbane's finest passes this fine food aficionado's test. Find her on Twitter @TheSarahCoates, and Facebook.

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