Brisbane’s Best Loaded Fries

By Rachel Lay
21st Mar 2016

With summer long behind us and jeans, jumpers and all the baggy clothes making a comeback, we figured it was time to do another round up of Brisbane’s best loaded fries, because the cooler months are no time for dieting. You know what we’re talking about – the crisp, salty fries piled and stacked up with beef chilli, melted cheese and a whole host of other toppings that add that extra pizzazz to this mega-hedonistic snack.  Here where to find Brisbane’s best loaded fries:

#1 Getta Burger

West End

The Getta Filthy Fries live up to their namesake. They’re the Getta Fries you know and love (seasoned with their smoked salt dust); covered in cheese, topped with smoked brisket, pulled pork, grilled onion, maple bacon, ranch, mustard and ‘that BBQ Sauce.’ I feel full from just typing that sentence. Bonus points if you can down both a burger and the fries.

#2 Ben’s Burgers

Fortitude Valley

Ben’s Burgers are one of our ultimate go-to spots for a seriously epic burger. As a general rule of thumb, it seems that where an epic burger can be found some of Brisbane’s best loaded fries can also be found. Ben’s is no exception to the rule with their chili cheese fries constantly making their way onto our lunch orders. The chilli cheese fries follow the same simple is best philosophy of the burgers with chips, chilli and cheese combining to create a tasty meal, that the staff always seem to add more than one fork to – it’s just for one, guys, just for one.

#3 Shady Palms

Stones Corner

Shady Palms goes hard when it comes to loaded fries. With two options on offer, one for the meat eaters and one for the vegos, you can’t really go wrong. The classic dirty fries (for the meat lover) come packed with brisket, bacon, cheese, mustard, ranch, BBQ sauce and oodles of house made gravy. The vego fries are just as dirty with mushroom, cheese, spinach, house-made ketchup, ranch and BBQ sauce. But let’s be real – why not just order both?

#4 Carolina Kitchen


Carolina Kitchen’s fries are a no frills attached yum-fest of fries, sour cream, cheese and house made (uber delicious) chilli sauce. For less than a tenner, you really can’t go wrong with these. A word of warning though, you may want to order two.

#5 Red Hook


Red Hook has got your loaded fries cravings sorted. Not ones to settle for a regular chilli cheese fries affair, they’ve opted for slow cooked brisket as well as all the usual fan fare. Plus, the bacon and cheese fries take things to the next level with bacon, which is obviously delicious.

#6 South Side Diner

South Bank

Loaded, cheesy fries run through South Side Diner’s veins. The aptly named loaded cheesy fries on offer here meet all your cravings and up the taste game significantly. Picture this: crispy fries with a soft centre, sour cream, scallions, honey (it’s good, trust us) and chipotle piled up on a plate waiting for you to dive in.

#7 Chip Tease

Various Locations

Chip Tease know their way around loaded fries. We struggle to pick a fave each time we visit, so why limit this list to one fave? The Mexican nacho fiesta is the deep fried version of nachos we know you’ve been waiting for, while the pulled pork and gravy is the classic loaded, gravy smothered option, these Canadian cheese and gravy is pretty much poutine and all kinds of delicious.

#8 Woolly Mammoth

Fortitude Valley

Oh Woolly Mammoth, you love fries just as much as we do. You know shit is about to get real when fries are allotted their own section on the menu, which is just how we like it. The fans of fries have piglet fries (with pork belly, people, pork belly!), Dutch fries (satay sauce, crispy shallots and mayo – yes please), beef brisket fries and our personal fave, the chilli pickle fries. Try not to freak out, but they’ve got hot sauce, mayo, pickles and layers of melted cheese.

#9 Yard Bird


Oh Yard Bird, we can’t get enough of your wings, but we’re starting to fall more in love with your chilli cheese fries. The shoestring fries means that the chip to topping ratio is just right, which we appreciate. But what are the toppings? Chilli con carne, Mexican cheese, jalapeños and fries sit drenched in Yard Bird’s delectable Southwest sauce. What was that noise? Oh, just our stomachs grumbling.

#10 At Sixes and Sevens

New Farm

Canada has well and truly made up for Justin Bieber with poutine. Our pick of the bunch is At Sixes and Sevens offering that comes complete with the traditional cheese curd and gravy combo. It’s super calorific, it’s indulgent, it’s loaded with gravy – what more could you want?

Image credit: Heather Christo

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