Brisbane’s New Mega Milkshakes

By Phoebe Grealy
22nd Oct 2015

Brisbane's Best Milkshakes

Once upon a time in a land known as Brisbane there were only three places you could get a milkshake: McDonalds, the local Fish’n’Chip shop and the Corner Store (also known as a ‘Milk Bar’ many years ago).

And at those three places, there were generally only three flavours on offer: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, or potentially a faux banana flavour.

But then one day a fairy godmother—or evil queen, depending on your fitness goals—clicked their fingers and all of a sudden Brisbane was the land of milkshakes aplenty, with place after place and flavour after flavour of icy-cold frothy drinks everywhere.

And since this wonderful milkshake fairytale keeps on keeping on, we've discovered there's a whole new crop of Brisbane's best milkshakes that you really need to try:

The Mint Slice Milkshake

Let Minnow Café | Clayfield

Let Minnow Café, which sits inside what was once the Clayfield Aquarium, is known for their great brunch options, but the real genius on the menu is the Let Minnow milkshake special, currently the Mint Slice Milkshake. Imagine, if you will, shards of Aero floating on frothy milk, lashings of chocolate and a Mint Slice biscuit perched on top. Pure heaven.

The Magnum Milkshake

The Fat Shed | Red Hill Markets

The magnum opus of Brisbane milkshakes is literally the Magnum Milkshake from The Fat Shed at the Red Hill Markets. A swirl of salted caramel, vanilla cream and an actual Magnum on top, we’d recommend saving up all your calories for a super sweet Sunday.

The Cherry Ripe Milkshake

Fuel & Co | Nundah

New Nundah café Fuel & Co didn’t go standard on their drinks menu with a veritable Pandora’s Box of next level array of milkshake flavours including Turkish Delight, Honeycomb, Chocolate-Peanut Butter and our absolute personal favourite a chocolatey Cherry Ripe.

The Apple Pie Milkshake

Getta Burger | West End

Burger mecca Getta Burger has just opened a bigger and better West End premises with bigger and better options on the menu. And that includes the milkshake. The supersized Apple Pie Milkshake includes a whole freaking slice of pie. Not sure you can go any bigger in the milkshake stakes than this.

The Iced Matcha Latte with Fairyfloss 

Secret Trees Coffee | Robertson

Secret Trees Coffee in Robertson is bringing the best of many worlds by combining a latte (caffeine), matcha (healthy-ness), summer (crushed ice) and fun (a cloud of fairyfloss) into one creative take that surpasses the humble milkshake. What’s not to love here?

The Tim Tam Slam Shake

Chester Street Bakery | Newstead

Chester Street Bakery in Newstead cleverly realised there’s only one way to top an actual Tim Tam and that’s to mash it up, add it to a milkshake and top it with cream. If you don’t want to taint your pure love for Tim Tams, opt for one of Chester Street Bakery’s otherworldly frothy delights. We also very much recommend the pretty-in-pink whole strawberry shake.

The Matcha Mojito

Sinmei Tea Room | New Farm

Although not strictly a milkshake, the Matcha Mojito at Sinmei Team Room in New Farm deserves a special mention as an awesome summer drink option for the vegan and dairy intolerant among us. Sinmei mixes up matcha tea, limes, mint and crushed ice and comes up with an emerald green confection that tastes so good you almost believe it’s alcoholic. 

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Image credit: The Domestic Geek

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