Brisbane’s Best Pancakes (For Shrove Tuesday)

By aj james
4th Mar 2014

Pancake Day Shrove Tuesday is rolling around again. It's the day when we throw all the good things we need to give up for Lent, mix them into a bowl, plop them into a pan, and bam, pancakes are born. They're then able to be smothered will all the other good things we're intending to give up for 6 weeks, in the lead up to Easter and… well… that's when the feasting starts again. The Catholic calendar is an odd cycle.

But, should you not be up for the task of ridding your kitchen of good things or have no clue how to use your stove, but would still like to partake in this day of pancake ridden glory, you can. Here's our pick of where to get your pancake on in Brisbane, before you get it off.


We're a sucker for Harveys plates of ricotta and buttermilk pancakes, topped with bananas and…(wait for it) HONEYCOMB BUTTER. What's more you can get smoked bacon for a little extra indulgence, before you enter a period of deprivation. These are some of Brisbane's best pancakes, no doubt about it.


Annerley's Billy Kart Kitchen also do a very moreish ricotta and buttermilk pancake with banana and coconut caramel that makes for a perfect Sunday starter. 


These are wickedly inventive, with Au Cirque's pancakes topped by star anise poached tomatoes, a white balsamic syrup and sea salt ice cream. It's like when sweet met savoury: a love story.


The Chelsea is such a divine spot to sit at and an they offer an even more divine plate to tuck into. Hotcakes just get better when served with cinnamon and double cream. We're going into lent. Single cream is not enough.


An oldie but a goodie, Sassafras have got TWO TYPES of pancakes. One goes down the sweet path with ricotta, honey and butter, OR for the savoury inclined, spinach, bacon and house made tomato relish combine.


These blueberry and buttermilk beauties from Tognini's are a delight and they're taken to the next level with real vanilla bean ice cream. So large and deliciously overwhelming, you can hardly see your plate. We challenge you to finish them all.


The pancakes from Pearl might just take the cake as Brisbane's best? Why? Because FIGS. Fig pikelets (a.k.a small pancakes), house made honeycomb, and chestnut cream. Enough said.


This might come as a surprise, but, if you're open 24/7 and you serve pancakes and crepes and top them with, well, basically anything, good lord you need a shout out. This is a Brisbane pancake stalwart.

Editor's Tip: They make a fried potato pancake that is particulary suited to 2am, post-drinks cravings. 

Image credit: The 34th Avenue

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