Brisbane’s Best Soup (+ A Soup Recipe to Try At Home)

By Penny Kidd
10th Jun 2014

Andy Warhol painted tins of it. Seinfeld created one of its most memorable characters based on it. And a best-selling book used the chicken variety to tell stories that warmed our souls.

Which dish can claim to have this much effect on modern-day pop culture? Soup, of course!

We've tried to track down the best soups in Brisbane but as you can see from our list below, soup can span from traditional chunky vegetable from a can to gracing the menus of the city's fine dining hotspots.

To make it easier on everyone, we've broken soups down into their traditional categories — thick soups and clear soups.


Thick soups are what we're probably all more used to and grew up with. Think your traditional leek and potato, pumpkin or pea and ham, usually served with toast or an English muffin.

Rosalie fave, Pasta Pantry do a stellar collection of home-made, winter warming soups, including a pumpkin with red lentil, chicken and leek, and the ultimate comfort soup, chicken and vegetable. And their soup menu changes daily, so there's no chance of getting bored.

Comfort At My Table often feature homemade soups on their blackboard and if you're lucky you'll get to dig into their mushroom soup served with toast slathered in butter.

Aria always serve delicious amuse bouches in the form of a rich, thick soup. Recent flavours have included pumpkin with goats curd and chives.

Tibetan Kitchen has a spinach dhal soup made from lentils soaked overnight, served with lightly fried spinach, with tomato, garlic and ginger.


Clear soups are becoming more and more popular following culinary influences from South-East Asia and Japan, as well as traditional French methods. 

A consommé is a clear broth that is clarified using egg whites to remove impurities like fat and sediment. Privé at the Sofitel features a vanilla confit duck, French baby peas, and duck consommé.

Broths are almost like the more chilled out cousin of consommé — they're equally delicious, but not as fussed about appearance. Generally they are made from a stock that has been made from water and meat bones that is simmered for hours. Taro's Ramen & Café serves up delicious bowls of super-rich stock made from 100% Bangalow sweet pork bone cooked for two days.

Pho is a Vietnamese staple comprising broth, rice noodles, mint, vegetables and thinly sliced meat that cooks in the bowl. Garnishes such as hot sauces and pastes, lime juice, bean sprouts, and fish sauce can be added for flavour.

Red Lotus in Annerley have an extensive list of pho options on their menu ranging from the traditional beef or chicken to 'special pho' which comprises rare beef, tendon, tripe and beef balls.

If Thai soup is more to your taste, you can't go past tom yum — check out Sichuan Bang Bang's hot and sour seafood soup with squid, white fish and broccoli.

So what's your favourite soup? Do you prefer to sip it from a cup or slurp off a silver spoon?

Here's a simple but tasty thick soup recipe to try at home.

Crushed pea and mint soup recipe

You'll Need...

3 cups peas (frozen or fresh)
1 large potato, peeled and finely chopped
2 spring onions, finely chopped
750ml chicken stock
60ml cream
1 tbsp fresh mint
Salt and pepper

To Prepare...

Place the peas, potato, spring onions and stock in a saucepan and bring to the boil.
Cover and simmer for 10 minutes or until the potato is tender.
Pour into a blender and blitz until you have a smooth paste.
Return to the saucepan along with the cream, mint and seasoning.
Stir through until hot, then serve.

TUL Note: Penny is a freelance food writer and obsessive cook, who has returned to Brisbane after ten years living in the UK and Melbourne. She is currently taking her passion for sweets treats one step further and learning the skills to become a pastry chef from her culinary idols, documenting her experiences through her blog Project Pastry.  

Image credit: Sainsbury Magazine

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