Shop Smart, Here’s Where To Buy Ethical And Sustainable Meat In Brisbane

By Lillian Curthoys
22nd Jul 2020

a butcher holding a slab of beef

When it comes to shopping sustainably, swapping your plastic bags for re-usable ones and calling it a day isn’t quite enough any more—not when you can buy everything from bulk plastic-free produce to eco-friendly deodorant and beauty produce to green up your daily routine. 

To add to the ever growing list of industries shifting towards ethical and sustainable production, we’ve collated some of Brisbane’s best meat producers that are keeping their eyes on the horizon, and doing their best to ensure the future is bright. Here’s where to find ethically sourced and sustainably produced meat in Brisbane. 

Echo Valley Farm


The folks at Echo Valley Farm are here to show you what cattle farming is all about, operating their farm on the Four Goods principles (good for the animals, land, farmers and you). Echo Valley sells everything from grass fed Brangus beef, pastured/sauerkraut-fed pork products and chemical-free grass fed dorper lamb from a fellow regenerative farmer nearby. Their online store opens every Sunday at 6pm and closes at 11.59pm on Tuesdays, for delivery on the weekend. 

Fair Game Wild Venison


To help relieve stress on the surrounding environment, as well as the financial toll on farmers, Fair Game Wild Venison ethically harvest wild deer that would otherwise be culled and left to waste. The wild meat is highly nutritious, and when broken down into shoulder and shank cuts, tenderloins or even salami, makes for a delicious alternative to beef. 

Brooklet Springs Farms 


For organic, pasture raised chicken, as well as heritage pork and grass fed beef, Brooklet Springs Farm has you covered. Their holistic farming principles create resilient ecosystems, and their flocks and herds move to fresh ‘salad bars’ daily, so your choice chicken breasts or winter warmers have an extreme depth of flavour. You can order mixed boxes, tenderloins, schnitzels, mince, bone broths and even offal. 



Eggcettera, the free range farm that offers eggs, pastured lamb and pork, gourmet sausages, salami and bacon, is all about big paddocks and ethical treatment, which results in great tasting food. The team at Eggcettera refer to their chickens as their girls, and their animals move from pasture to pasture weekly, ensuring their lives are happy and healthy. 

Piggy In the Middle


Offering up ethically farmed pork, lamb and chicken, the family and team behind Piggy in the Middle is all about ethical farming practices, allowing their animals to graze naturally, and their farm management systems to improve the land. As a member of Slow Food Noosa, Piggy in the Middle’s meat is exceptional quality, and when you subscribe to Club Piggy, you get 20% off their retail prices and a private link to learn more information about their farm. 

Sherwood Road Organic Meats


For meat that is certified organic, 100% grass-fed, fully traceable and free from insecticides, pesticides, preservatives and other nasties, Sherwood Road Organic Meats has your back. The family run business offers up premium quality cuts of beef, lamb, goat, pork, chicken and smallgoods, and supports four local farms in the process. You can buy in bulk online, or head in store for smaller quantities. 

Meat At Billy’s

Ashgrove And Rosalie

As one of the few independent butchers remaining in Brisbane, Meat At Billy’s specialises in modern butchering whilst keeping traditional practices alive. With over 30 different types of sausages, premium beef cuts, pork, chicken, lamb, as well as a range of carbon neutral cuts that will have your conscience clean, Meat At Billy’s supports local suppliers and is all about farm direct meat. 

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Image credit: Pasha Guilian

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