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Chakra Balancing Massages Are The Wellness Trend Your Stress Levels Need

By Jessica Pridmore
12th May 2019


There are not many places in the centre of Brisbane where you feel like you can, truly, unwind and release yourself of the day-to-day stresses of your work day.

We’re trapped in a cycle of work, eat, sleep, repeat, with maybe time for a cheeky workout (okay, wine) in between, so any chance for an hour or so escapement is high on the agenda—and you want bang for your spiritual buck.

Traditionally, a day spa has been the ultimate stress-free haven; a place to unwind and refuel the tank. It’s at a yoga studio, where (if you’re so inclined) you’ll look to balance the body and mind. What would happen, then, when you put your gym-going, meditating hands together and create what can only be described as a muscular and mental ‘ahhh’?

Enter, Balancing Act; one of the signature massage treatments at Away Spa inside the W Hotel. 

Using ancient Hawaiian massage techniques paired with a unique blend of Sodashi Chakra Oils (that you choose in your initial consultation pre-massage) and chakra stones, it’s a 90-minute mind and body reset that will leave you, literally speechless. 

Pre-treatment, the team at Away Spa flag that spa goers who enjoy the Balancing Act massage have left the treatment room a little teary, sometimes beaming from ear-to-ear—such is the power of treatment. It all depends on what areas of your chakra require unblocking, how relaxed post-treatment you feel and how you react to the treatment.

Toward the end of the massage, your therapist will guide you through a gentle meditation. Those who think they’re not into nor have ever tried meditation before shouldn’t feel intimidated nor off put in any way; your wonderfully calm spa therapist will take you through a number of breathing and focussing techniques, all aimed at clearing your mental fog and resetting the mind.

Once your treatment finishes, you’ll be taken to Away Spa’s relaxation pods, which boast floor-to-ceiling views of the Brisbane River and South Bank and reclining beds for you to while away the time.

We guarantee, if you’re feeling stressed, in need of a little TLC with heart or just a hard mental and physical reset, this is the treatment for you. Throw in the luxurious surrounds of Away Spa and it all feels like the ultimate present to yourself.

Image credit: W Hotel

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