Doughnut Worry, Doughnut Time Is About To Reopen In The CBD

By Morgan Reardon
25th Jul 2018

doughnut time opens burleigh

If you, like us, were a smidge broken-hearted when Doughnut Time shut up shop then boy do we have some lip-smackingly good news for you—they’re back, baby, and they’re moving into the CBD. 

Brief recap (not that you need it, it's been all over the press): after going into liquidation back in March, Doughnut Time's former owner Damian Griffiths was forced to close a bunch of his stores (and other Brisbane stalwarts)—almost a dozen in Brisbane and SEQ, plus stores in Sydney and Melbourne. But, like all good yarns there was an edible silver lining when independent owner Pete Andros bought the business. 

To begin with, Andros will open five stores nationwide, with the Myer Centre in the CBD and South Bank the two DT spots in Brisbane next month! As well as a bunch of your old faves, Andros is keen to modernise and refresh the menu with vegan, gluten-free and low-sugar doughnut varieties to be introduced.

Some will even be made with hemp protein to make their doughnuts better for our waistlines. Does that means we can chow down on more doughnuts with less guilt? Sounds good to us—we’re in!

We’ll be back for a tasty look inside Doughnut Time 2:0 soon.  

Image credit: Christian Nimri 

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