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Easy Food Swaps for a Healthier Year

By Anna May
10th Feb 2016

Healthy food swaps YouFoodz

Sigh. Obviously our plans to kick those extra summer KGs to the curb in January were unsuccessful, but it’s just a trial anyway, right? Right. February is where it’s at. We got this.

I can hear you telling me… But it’s haaaaard. I don’t want to miss out on all of the delicious things that get me out of bed and into the kitchen every morning, and besides, who has the damn time to sit over a bloody pot all evening waiting for some weird, plant-made pasta boils into mush? Pass. Take away is so damn easy. 

Well, *strolls into scene like guy in infomercial*, my friend. We’ve teamed up with our pals at Youfoodz—y’know, the guys that make all those delicious healthy meals so you don’t have to—to bring you some absurdly easy, impossibly tasty meal swaps that prove you really don’t have to sacrifice deliciousness when you’re trying to eat well. 


The situation:

You’re starving after a run, you’re feeling a liiiittle hung, or, dammit, you just want a solid breakfast, and you wouldn’t say no to a bit of bacon. 

The old option:

An oily, grease-laden bacon and egg roll from the corner store.

Swap it for:

Youfoodz bang-on bagel, a tempting and damn well satisfying way to start your day (a hey hey hey), it’s got cream cheese, a slice of veggie frittata, and two rashers of lean bacon (because bacon), served with a lick of Youfoodz relish for the win. 


The situation:

Ooohh, Everyone is heading to the pub for a cheeky feed, or you’re thinking that it’s been a long-ass morning and you really want to hit up the food court. You know you can have a simple grilled fish and veg.… But god it just seems so boring. 

The old option:

Dea god that fish and chips is calling your name like your mum when you didn’t do the dishes back in the day. You really… Really want it. 

Swap it for:

Youfoodz homemade fish and chips. Yep, you heard me. Homemade fish and chips you can have in under two minutes. This one is cod crusted with sesame, quinoa, chia seeds and slivered almonds, served with moreish sweet potato wedges and some damn fine tartar sauce. 


The situation:

Good loooord. How is it only 3pm? Feels like you’ve been sitting at this desk, staring at this spreadsheet for a week. You’re hitting a wall. Your eyes are getting heavy; your concentration is lapsing. 

The old option:

Reaching for the chocolate drawer. You had that healthy lunch, you damn well deserve a couple of squares. Nek minnit: you’ve eaten the whole block and are hiding the evidence.

Swap it for:

Youfoodz salted caramel protein balls. These are serious game-changers. Crunchy on the outside and soft-as-hell on the inside, they’re filled with dates, protein powder and dark chocolate to keep you full and happy all arvo. 


The situation:

Hunger pangs are hitting, you’ve been listening to Barbara in accounts talk about her damn cat at work all day and the salad you planned just ain’t going to cut it. The takeaway menus just seem so easy… So close.

The old option:

A Big-ass, cheese-laden pizza that soaks through the cardboard and has you in a food coma all night. 

Swap it for:

Youfoodz Tuscan lamb pizza. Oh yeah, you absolutely can have your pizza with these guys. It smells simply incredible, too. With a wholemeal base, delicious lamb, sweet potatoes, crumbled feta, capsicum and balsamic, you really won’t miss the glorious scent of takeaway. 

See, not so hard, is it? In case that didn’t comprehend, here’s a simple video (with damn catchy music) that will have your summer rig chilling in no time. 

See? Easy. Next stop, pain-free exercise. 

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Image credit: YouFoodz

Videography: Benchmark Films

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