Eat and Drink Your Way Through The World Cup

By Daniel Colasimone
12th Jun 2014

The biggest sporting event on the planet, soccerball's Fifa World Cup, kicks off in Brazil on June 13. And the news just gets better; it lasts for a whole month!

Hilariously, the Australian team, the Soccerballaroos, will be allowed to participate after finding a golden ticket in a chocolate bar which granted them the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get spanked by some much better teams.

Here at Urban List towers we have been getting into a Brazilian kind of mood by drinking Caipirinhas, dancing samba, and getting waxed. 

There is one thing we love more than all of those things combined, however, and that's eating delicious food. 

The obvious next step, then, was to tenuously link this global sporting event with food, and give you some ideas about how to get into the spirit of the tournament by hitting up some of Brisbane's tastiest establishments.

Here's how you can theme-eat your way through the Fifa World Cup in Brisbane.

(Note: Keep and eye out in a few days for our guide on where best to watch the tournament around town.)

The Hosts: 

Matches will be taking place all over Brazil, which, by an amazing coincidence, also happens to be the country that has won the most World Cups (they have five, in case you get asked at trivia). 


Before the tournament gets under way, and possibly at weekly intervals throughout its month-long duration, we suggest you treat yourself to all-you-can-eat Brazilian barbecue at Mundo Churrasco. With two locations, in Bardon and Aspley, no-one in Brisbane has an excuse not to eat slow-cooked, Brazilian-spiced meat to their heart's content this World Cup. 

Drink: Caipirinha.

The Opponents:

All of Australia's group opponents are really bloody good at soccerball. We're basically screwed. Might as well enjoy the best of their cuisine, then. We recommend dining at each of the locales before the actual match takes place, so the food isn't tainted with the bitter taste of defeat.

Chile (June 13, 8am AEST)

Thank you, Eat Street Markets, for bringing us the delights of Chilean cuisine, which can be tough to find around Brisbane. 

Mar y Tierra (Hamilton Wharf, Macarthur Avenue), which translates as sea and land, serves up wonderfully tangy, fresh ceviche, as well as empanadas (South American-style pasties) and some tempting Chilean desserts.

Villa Maria is another quaint little restaurant in Camp Hill that specialises in the big, zesty flavours of Mexican and South American food. 

Drink: Pisco Sour.

The Netherlands (June 18, 2am AEST)

If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much, as many Dutch people will tell you (they are confident folk), so if you haven't ever tried the cuisine from the Netherlands, you're obviously missing out. 

The Dutch Shop at Acacia Ridge (8/1150 Beaudesert Rd) stocks a range of smoked meats and cheeses, the ideal accompaniment to any Brisbane World Cup celebration. You know where gouda and edam are from, right? 

Stop in for a smoked herring sandwich or order your supplies over the phone (3277 4869). Don't forget that Dutch desserts are fabulous, so get into those too.

Drink: Grolsch.

Spain (June 23, 2am AEST)

There are an abundance of top quality Spanish restaurants for you to choose from in Brisbane this World Cup.

Three of our favourites are Peasant, Gordita, and Olé; all of them are very accomplished at presenting the best that Spain has to offer in their own particular styles. 

You've got to love tapas because it means you get to order more things on the menu and sample them all and no one can call you greedy!

Drink: Sangria.

The Pizza:

The nice people at Arrivederci get very, very excited whenever the World Cup is on. To celebrate, they put out special edition pizzas for all 32 teams participating in the tournament. 

If you really love soccerball, it is your duty to try them all.

We'll tell you more about what they've going on in our 'Where to Watch the World Cup in Brisbane' article.

TUL Note: Hailing from the 'Paris of the South,' Bundaberg, Dan Colasimone is back in Brisbane after spending the better part of a decade living overseas. He also writes about sport. He once completed an Arts degree. Twitter: @ArgentinaFW 

Image credit: Claudia Obryan, Sisters The Label, Give me Flour, Ivillage

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