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Prepare For Bulk Doughnut Fries, Eat Street Is Finally Re-Opening

By Ranyhyn Laine
24th Nov 2020

Start planning your eat-inerary, because our beloved Eat Street is finally re-opening, and we’re ready to celebrate by eating our body weight in deep-fried potato slinkies, cannoli and doughnut fries. 

Yep, after over eight long months of closure, and only one brief dessert drive through pop-up to keep us satisfied, Eat Street in Northshore is throwing back open its gates as of Friday 4 December. Soon you’ll once again be able to eat your way through the maze of food stalls, stuffing your face with one dish as you simultaneously plan your next. 

According to the Eat Street crew on Facebook, the whole venue has been made compliant with COVID-safe restrictions, so we can head back safely, though if you’re still not ready to face a crowd, maybe make plans to head in extra early or extra late. As of next Friday, the dining precinct will be open on Friday and Saturday nights from 4pm–10pm and Sundays from 4pm–9pm. 

See you there this summer—we’ll be the ones stuffing our face with dinner and dessert at the same time.

Havee you heard the other big news? Queensland is opening its border with all of NSW.

Image credit: Eat Street

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