Epic Cheese Platters

By Catherine Blake
19th Feb 2016

The cheese platter is one of life's most gloried treasures that saunters into the room with all the majesty of Louis XIV. Sometimes after dinner but often before, she turns up at the perfect moment when the mood is mellow and the conversation is easy and the people flock to her like moths to flame. She is the way, the truth and the light. She is Spartacus.

If those creamy cultures fill you with the same palpable and exuberant joy as Christmas Day then take a good look below at Brisbane’s most epic cheese platters and embark on your own cheesy odyssey:

Gerard's Bar

Fortitude Valley

The cheese situation at Gerard’s is almost out of control. Here is a place that is so wholly dedicated to excellence in charcuterie that they make their own salumi, and what is salumi but the platter partner of cheese? A typical Gerard’s cheese board comes adorned with their house-made pickles and earthen lavosh to compliment one of the exquisite cheeses on offer from a Victorian washed rind to a goat’s milk camembert.


Fortitude Valley

And from the masterminds behind the astonishing platters at Gerard’s comes yet another lactic spread at the uber fresh APO in Bakery Lane. Try the cave aged talleggio, the triple cream brie, or the cloth bound cheddar to round out a journey across the APO’s psychedelic menu.


Eagle Street Pier

The darling of Eagle Street has built their sterling reputation on a commitment to delicacy and refinement in every aspect of their craft, and the assemblage of a cheese plate is no exception. Nothing has quite the depth, texture and charm as Aria’s array of cheesy segments face up on a chopping board. Throw in a little quince paste and a few cheeky figs perhaps but don’t overthink it.

Anise Bistro Wine Bar

New Farm

It is a fact more certain than death that where there is wine there must also be cheese. It makes perfect sense then that a wine room would have an impressive cheese selection and on this Anise more than delivers. Featured in their cheesy repertoire is a goat’s milk d’Affinois, a Spanish blue, Tasmanian cheddar, and a zesty washed rind from nearby Woombye.

Green Beacon Brewing Company


Served alongside locally made quince paste and bread from Danny’s, the cheese plate at Green Beacon embodies the two fundamental tenets of this local brewery: simplicity and proximity. These lads like to keep things casual and aren’t fussed on fuss, which explains how they’ve got the prep time down to 43 seconds (leaves more time for brewing).

Coppa Spuntino


No one guzzles a cheese platter; no one denies a cheese platter. It's a sultry beast, like a hearty conversation, to be welcomed, pampered, and enjoyed, and Coppa Spuntino is just the setting for it. Their selection of Italian cheeses, from dolce gorgonzola to pecorino romano, provides the perfect end to an Italian feast or companion to a glass of something fine.

The Servery


You may know The Servery better as the source of the laughter echoing down the dark stairway at Pearl Café, but we know it as an enchanting nook where cheese is adored and celebrated like the ambrosia it is. Settle in with some vino surrounded by the cured meats, crusty bread, and accouterments most tantalising and splendid,



Known for their extravagant culinary delights, PUBLIC understands better than anyone the significance of an expertly crafted cheese plate, and theirs cuts some serious mustard. All the important food groups: dairy, carbs, protein and muscatels, are valiantly represented and fanned in an Insta-worthy arrangement that’s almost too good to devour. But devour we do, and with every morsel the preceding mean is rendered mere foreplay to the wonders of fromage

Image credit: MyDomaine

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