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Fave 5 Eat Street Market Stalls

By Laura Walkley
1st Sep 2015

Some things just go together, like PB and jelly, and Posh and Becks, so this year we’ve teamed up with MINI to bring you, our discerning readers and drivers, our fortnightly MINI Fave 5 series: The must-try guide to Brisbane, celebrating the launch of the new MINI 5-door hatch!


There’s something about Eat Street Markets that conjures up the same child-like thrill as hearing the ice-cream truck bells ringing on your street once did. The practice of it feels similar too; racing around at twilight, battling the crowds to be the first in line to snatch a brownie, burger, or bratwurst. The number of choices at Eat Street is also reminiscent of the baffling ice-cream predicament of younger days, when a rash decision meant you often ended up with a sad little popsicle while your brother munched away on his epic Heartbeat. Hate that guy.

If you’re not keen to revive those memories (although, to be fair, there’s not sad popsicle in sight at the Eat Street Markets) check out our Fave 5 Eat Street Markets stalls to make sure you’re chowing down on food royalty.

World Famous Funnel Cakes

The van that oozes fun, with dancing girls in crazy costumes, bright lights and upbeat music, also oozes funnel cakes. What is a funnel cake, I hear you wonder? A warm dessert , that’s almost a waffle, not quite a donut, and far too wild to be a mere cake, the funnel cake is kind of like every dessert you ever wanted rolled into one big, ugly, tasty mess. Specialties like cookie dough and Cherry Ripe occasionally make their way onto the menu, while classics like Ferraro and rocky road are back week after week. World Famous Funnel Cakes are topped with handmade treats from the New Farm Confectionery, so you can rest easy knowing your indulgence is top notch.

Okonomi House

Never heard of a Japanese pizza? Get with the times, people! The folks at Okonomi House will make sure it’s a meal you’ll never forget. Once you’ve tried their Aussie Special you’ll be hooked: a cabbage base topped with crispy bacon, mozzarella, corn, special teriyaki sauce, and mayo. So simple, yet so effective.

Hierba Santa Organic

All that walking around can make you thirsty, but Hierba Santa Organic’s one litre iced teas are on site to save the day. Perhaps one of the most understated stalls at the Eat Street Markets, the Hawaii Bombay (goji berry, spearmint, orange and mango tea) should be a staple—particularly if you’ve gone too hard the night before—with a plethora of beneficial properties on top of being utterly slurp-licious. Plus, tea makes for good digestion and doesn’t take up too much precious stomach real estate. I’ll take two!

The Doughnut Bar

While the world went wild for Golden Gaytime in a tub, The Doughnut Bar was shrugging their shoulders, because they’d already gone next level and created the Golden Gaytime doughnut. If that’s not enough to convince you, the Freddomello, Nutella Cheesecake or Caramel Sundae Doughnuts are bound to have you salivating. If you simply can’t fit in another bite, future you will thank you when buy a take-away four pack for tomorrow.

Jon’s Delights

Wraps are a great option when you can’t find a seat, and Jon has an extraordinarily tasty menu of wrapped delights. Not your typical bland lunch fare think bacon smothered French toast and Canadian pancakes—these wraps are a real treat to wake up to at the Sunday edition of ESM. If meat’s not your game, the freekah haloumi wrap is a vegetarian’s savour in the very carnivorous world of the Eat Street Markets.

We're thrilled to partner with MINI to bring you our Fave 5 series—our fortnightly guide to the best of the best in Brisbane. From food to fashion, Campari to Crossfit, each Fave 5 edition is researched and recommended by The Urban List, and driven by the new MINI 5-Door Hatch—putting the city at your fingertips and giving you the freedom to explore it!

Image credits: Ariana Gillrie

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