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A Magic Eye-Style Exhibition Just Landed At QAG

By James Shackell
3rd Jun 2019

What ever happened to Magic Eye technology? We’ll tell you—it went high brow.

Presenting the new Geometries exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery (QAG). It’s a free exhibition that’s taken over the Henry & Amanda Bartlett gallery, and it’s running till 2 February 2020 (no big rush on this one).

What’s the big deal? The big deal is that Geometries is like our childhood Magic Eye puzzles brought to life. Some of Australia’s best artists have taken geometric shapes and patterns, then warped them to create mind-f*cking illusions and weird optical effects. It’s like the bit where maths turns into art. They look lke this (do not adjust your set):

Image credit: QAG 

Image credit: QAG 

If you haven’t been keeping up with your geometric contemporary artists, take it from us: the crop assembled at QAG is pretty amazing. Wilma Tabacco, J.S. Ostoja-Kotkowski, Max Gimblett and Lincoln Austin are just some of the big names on the wall.

The exhibition blurb pretty much says it all: “Using deceptively simple strategies — structuring relationships between the most elementary components of shape, scale and relative sequencing, for the most part described in pure, flat and vibrant colours — the artists behind these arrangements excel in creating mesmerising optical effects.”

Maybe bring some Panadol. This one’s gonna wrinkle your brain.

The Details

Where: Queensland Art Gallery
When: 25 May 2019 to 2 February 2020
How much: Free!
For more info, click here.

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Image credit: Samuel Zeller 

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