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Get Ready Because Mouthwatering Greek Yum Cha Is Coming To Brisbane

By Catherine Blake
25th Apr 2019


May approaches, bringing with it the promise of Paniyiri and all that that entails. But beyond the usual offerings of honey puffs, moussaka, and blue and white stripes, this year’s festivities include a very special visit by Greek super chef, Dimitris Katrivesis. Joining Nostimo’s chef-in-residence, David Tsirekas, Katrivesis will bring his culinary prowess to the kitchen at Nostimo for a flavour-packed month of mouthwatering festivities, culminating with Greek Yum Cha on the Paniyiri weekend of May 18 and 19.

Hailed globally as a master of Greek cuisine, Katrivesis’s epic career has seen him working the hob in Paris, Luxembourg, Tokyo and even Spain at the five-time world number one, elBulli. With all that experience he developed his signature ‘JSP’ (a blend of Japanese, Spanish and Peruvian cuisine) and currently leads the team at Fuga Restaurant in Athens. It is here that Katrivesis first conceived of Greek Yum Cha and changed the way the world eats Greek food.

Known as Meze Karotsi, the concept of Greek Yum Cha takes classic Greek meze plates and serves them Yum Cha style via trolleys at the tableside. It’s a concept so delicious and so ingeniously simple that only a Greek could have thought of it.

Head over to Nostimo for info on all the Katrivesis events that will be happening this May, and check out the Paniyiri site for details on all the cool stuff they’ve got planned for Paniyiri 2019.

The Details

What: Greek Yum Cha
Where: Nostimo, West End
When: Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May
For more info, head here.

Image credit: GAZI

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