A Grooming Guide for the Groom

By AJ James
3rd Oct 2013

So you asked her to marry you, and she said yes! Or she asked you to marry her, and you said yes (hey, it's a modern world). Well, either way, the big day is fast approaching and chances are she's putting some effort into looking sleek, which begs the question, are you working equally hard towards looking sharp? It's a two way street, gents! And so, because we know lookin' good ain't easy, we bring you our groom's guide to getting prepped for the big day, to make your descent into married life a little more spiffy.


Get a Good Haircut
You cannot put your wedding hairdo in just anyone's hands. If you've a trusted barber you love, lucky you. If you're on the hunt for a new one, can we suggest Jules Tognini at AKA Tognini's? A groom himself, just a few months ago, he'll have you clipped and looking dapper in no time, and then some.

Suit Up
The boys at The Cloakroom are seriously cool, and they'll have you and your fellow groomsmen looking even cooler when you're standing up on that altar. They're all over dress codes, and with a keen eye for cut and fabric, can put together something swish with ease. You'll all look slick and well matched for your bridesmaids.

Get Clean & Shiny
Just book in, turn up and go see Karen and her team at The Loft. They'll clip your nails, make your eyebrows even, and get your skin looking ever so bright (man, you'd be amazed what's lurking deep down in your epidermis). She's a magician, and the whole experience won't leave you feeling unmanly at all, we swear! Think of how hard your significant other is put into looking A+.

A Smooth-As Shave
While you think (and maybe she thinks) your Sunday afternoon 5pm shadow looks somewhat sexy, it's not appropriate on the big day. No child wants to look back on their parents' wedding photos and say, 'Mum looks so pretty, but dad looks like a hobo'.  Check out our previous guide to Brisbane's best barbers here.

Shoes a 'Shinin
Your shoes will look good, and by taking them to the team at Buffed, you'll be doing good, too. It's a shoe shining service, from the gurus behind the Big Issue, and it provides work for those facing hurdles in the employment race.

Gifts For Your Men
Make for Mitchell Ogilvie or Harry Henry, and they'll help you find some thank you gifts for your groomsmen. Think cufflinks, handkerchiefs, or a cool, brightly patterned pair of socks.

Wedding Vows
Jokes! We're good at finding things out, but this is the one thing we can't track down for you. Sorry! But, just keep it simple, throw in a good anecdote, quote a French philosopher, and you'll be on the right track.

Image Credit: MRX Lifestyle Tumblr

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