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Hair of the Dog | Best Spots For a Drink The Morning After

By Kim Barnard
15th Sep 2013

We've all woken up from a big night vowing never to drink again and, once bearings have been found and previous night's events accounted for, it's common to go on the hunt for ways to ease the pain you're experiencing and to dull the oft inevitable feeling of regret . . . 

Everyone knows that the absolute best cure for a cracking hangover is to . . . drink more alcohol. Dubious scientific reasoning and evidence aside, 'hair of the dog' is a common, and widely supported, strategy for tackling the next-day nightmare, if only because it provides the opportunity to, y'know, drink more.

With that in mind, we've rounded up some of our favourite spots in Brisbane that are only too happy to accommodate a breakfast/lunch tipple to help get you back on your feet. 

Here are our picks for places to get your hair-of-the-dog cure.

The Rogue Rennard
Hate sitting in the sun in Paddington and sipping on an alcoholic beverage while you enjoy a delicious, simple French breakfast and excellent coffee? Then you should street clear of The Rogue Rennard. 

Kettle & Tin
They claim to make the best Bloody Marys in Brisbane (and there are eight different types, so you're sure to find something that's up your alley!), so Kettle & Tin is an excellent place to heal yourself after one too many. A plate of their duck nachos or pork belly fries won't hurt, either. 

Cru Bar
We suggest sleeping in 'til midday then hitting up Cru's epic brunch offering. A BLT and a champagne cocktail will definitely have you looking on the bright side.

Crosstown Eating House
Head over to the 'Gabba for Crosstown's unique and delicious menu when you've woken up with a sore head. Because if a cold beer and a taco won't fix what ails you, it's probably terminal.

Pearl Café
Their breakfasts and brunches are famous and the addition of alcohol just takes it to another level. Pastries and champagne is the answer to everything, in our book.

Where have we missed? Let us know, below!

Image credit: Souvlaki For The Soul

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