How To Celebrate Galentine’s Day This Year

By Catherine Blake
12th Feb 2016

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Inspired by Leslie Knope, of the hit TV show Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day falls on February 13 and honours the love and respect we feel for our gals, and that crazy little thing called brunch. It also provides the ultimate excuse for squads to dress up, drink rosé and loll about like wastrels so it goes without saying that we take this occasion pretty seriously.

In order to have a successful Galentine’s Day bash there are just three essential factors you need to cover ‘afore you all go scurrying back to your S.Os:

Step 1: Book A Place

Breakfast has traditionally been the meal of choice for Galentine’s Day and there are some cracking breakfasts to be had, but this year we suggest you consider booking a long lunch for the team (see below for some of our favourite summer lunchspo).

Step 2: Prepare Party Favours

Every good Galentine’s requires a homemade party favour, and 2016 is the year of the personalised mix tape. The perfect mixtape will be poignant, fun and include at least three Justin Timberlake tracks.

Step 3: Cut Some Shapes

Whether you’ve stayed out to hit the clubs, or taken the procession back to your place to try out those mixes, there is nothing so powerful to express your deepest and most ardent admiration than through the medium of dance.

Congratulations! You are now fully equipped for Galentine’s Day 2016. Go forth and woo your band of badasses with perfect confidence, ya foxy minx. Here are Brisbane's best brunch spots to rock Galentine's with your pals.

Billy Kart Kitchen | Annerley

In keeping with tradition, a breakfast spread of pancakes and waffles is a classic G-Day move. Billy Kart’s transcendent liege waffles, with blueberries, malted caramel and crème fraiche, are a perfect way to mark the occasion.

Wild Canary | Brookfield

In lieu of the blossoming armfuls you’ll no doubt by buried in come February 14, celebrate Galentines with a delicious and leisurely lunch in the lush surrounds of a bloomin’ nursery. Wild Canary’s is a seasonal menu that ebbs and flows with whatever Mother Nature’s doing so it’s perfect for a legion of earthchildren such as you.

Provenance | Chermside

Open all day as a cure-all bases coverer, Provenance offers a hefty collection of grazing plates and sliders occupying that delicate mid-point between a snack and a meal. This serving style embodies the quintessence of Galentine’s Day as a day of free-lovin’ share and care. Not to mention Provenance’s astounding array of craft beers for you to set sail on.

Morning After | West End

This year’s Galentine’s Day falls on a Saturday which means there’s a good chance you were all out the night before and the struggle is kicking in. Morning After’s yiros strike the perfect balance between restorative and festive fare with minimal danger of a bender…but the wine list’s always there if you’re ready to go again. 

Beccofino | Teneriffe

Music is the food of love? Pah! Pizza is the food of love. Pizza and calamari. With bulk servings of both adorning your plates, there’s no way those vibes could be anything other than loving and romantic in the most platonic way possible. If you really care about the wolfpack you’ll take them to Beccofino and fight the other punters for a table. Don’t forget to smash some bottles of rosé: the official tipple of Galentine’s Day 2016.

Atalanta Bar and Greek | Portside

In Greek mythology Atalanta was a fierce hunter, athlete and marriage proposal rebuffer with a reputation for busting balls. Where better to celebrate with your fellow ladyfolk than a place named after the baddest bitch of them all? Order some mezze and raise some glasses to the memory of the original independent woman.

The APO | Bakery Lane

Bakery Lane’s fresh, exciting feature will lead you down a sensory warren you may never recover from. Proceed with caution, these guys mean business and you’ll want to try everything on the menu so make a point of getting comfortable. The APO is also conveniently proximate to the Valley’s post-lunch dance halls, ideal for some much needed energy expenditure.

Saké | Eagle Street

When I think of a refined and delicious feastie I cannot look past the set menu of Saké’s ladies lunch. This year we are fortunate enough for Galentine’s Day to fall on a glorious Saturday when Saké will be offering their spectacular repast to the many and lovable crowds that flock. Tuck into the kingfish jalapeño, miso glazed eggplant and chef’s selection of monger-fresh sushi over a few glasses bottles of bubbles as you enumerate everything you love about Rhonda’s fantasy football team.

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