Howzat Burger | The Verdict

By Sophia McMeekin
6th May 2014

Rumours of a new burger joint are enough to make us start salivating. But when those rumours include the name 'Phillip Johnson', and the promise of what are reportedly Brisbane's best burgers yet, we need to bring out the Wet Wipes (sorry, gross).

What began as a pop-up concept under e'cco Bistro in the CBD in January, has now solidified into a four-days-a-week lunch-time burger outlet, Howzat, serving up a bunch of completely moreish cricket-themed burgers to those in the know.

The burgers themselves stay true to the premise of a good burger. Namely, the meat-to-bun ratio is spot on, and, while they are definitely at the 'gourmet' end of the burger spectrum, they are suitably restrained. There's no brie or pomegranate reduction on these bad boys, and that's just how we like it. And the menu and venue abounds in cricketing puns, which is good fun if you're into that kind of thing. (I didn't get it.)

A notable mention goes to the 'The Don' — a beef, pickles, iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese, and tomatoes burger — which is essentially perfect. 

The 'Mexican Wave' comes with pork belly, slaw and chipotle mayo, while the Sachin Tempura has tempura white fish and a curry mayo. Also very good.

There's also a vego' option, The 12th Man, with a chickpea patty and mint yoghurt, as well as chicken and lamb burgers. 

The sides and drinks on offer are of the same standard. In case your arteries were still flowing freely there are milkshakes (the Nutella and banoffee varieties naturally catch the eye), as well as fries, onion rings, and a classic slaw. There are also beers and wines to make the transition into the afternoon that much sweeter.

Howzat Burger are also offering a 'Hat Trick' special deal at the mo', which includes a burger, non-alcoholic beverage (read: Nutella milkshake) and fries for $17.

These stacks of glory have proven so popular Howzat has opened an Eat Street Markets outlet, which has a pared-back version of the Adelaide Street menu on offer. So you can get your burger-on on the weekend. 

So are these really the best burgers in Brisbane? You can believe the hype  — these burgers are worth the search for a parking spot. And that is saying something, because reverse parking in the city blows.

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[Editor's note: I would have made more cricketing jokes in this story, but I know f' all about cricket.]

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