Queensland Might Be Getting Its Own Jurassic Park!

By Phoebe Grealy
12th Jan 2016

A theme park full of T-Rex’s proved to be a bad idea in the movie version, but is Queensland about to get its own version of Jurassic Park?

Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlian who owns The Wanda Group may be planning to create a multi-billion dollar dinosaur theme park on the Gold Coast which has us speculating left, right and centre about whether it will include the scary-as-hell velociraptors amidst all the pterodactyls and diplodocus'.

Along with being a dream for the dinosaur-obsessed among us, the theme park would be a major tourism drawcard that could potentially boost Gold Coast theme park attendance.

“We’re working with the local tourism industry to grow the number of visitors holidaying on the Gold Coast,” Tourism Minister Kate Jones said.

“We want to see more visitors through the gates of our theme parks because we know that means jobs for Queenslanders.”

Reports that Jianlin’s company is looking to buy a significant stake in Legendary Entertainment – the company that produced Jurassic World – has us crossing our fingers and toes crossed that we’ll soon see a Queensland Jurassic Park!

Image credit: Variety.com

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