Is This The End Of Avo On Toast?

By Rachel Lay
31st Jan 2016

We’re sure you’re already aware, but avo is flipping expensive at the moment. We like to think of avo on toast as somewhat of an Aussie institution, but some cafes are having to pull it from the menu due to cost and lack of local supply.

The Gabba Fruit market has put limits on how many avos you can purchase, with other green grocers following a similar suit. Wholesalers are reporting trays of avos flying off the shelf at $120 – that’s a $100 increase from their normal price. Yikes!

But, why? There’s a multitude of reasons that have contributed to the hefty price hike of avo in Australia. Rain and bushfires for one have meant that growing and transporting avo has been made pretty difficult. Plus, there’s talk that some farmers have been manipulating prices and supply in order to boost their surplus.

Essentially, the supply just isn’t eating the demand. Avo has gone from a luxury to a staple in the last few years; we aren’t satisfied unless our side of avo at brekky is at least a whole avo. Suppliers just can’t keep up, and café owners can’t keep up with the exorbitant fees.

So how do we survive this avo-crisis? Either cough up the big bucks for your avo hit, or ride it out until around late February when experts suspect prices will return to normal.

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