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Fancy Pants On, You Can Get This Four-Course Degustation Delivered To Your Door

By Ranyhyn Laine
24th Apr 2020

Fancy meal on a white plate with a linen napkin on the table next to it.

With isolation comes a distinct lack of fine dining—when was the last time you put on a fancy outfit and sat down to more than a single course meal (eating ice cream out of the tub after dinner isn’t a ‘course’)? It’s not just the food either, we miss the whole experience—the dinner chat, the restaurant tunes, the waiter talking us through our dishes, we miss it all.

Well, one company is determined to bring that experience back into our lives, and they’re doing it with a home delivered four-course degustation. While normally Gathar caters for dinner parties, Sunday lunches and even just afternoon grazing when you don’t want to cook, they’ve come up with a new plan to keep us well-fed in isolation, even if we can’t invite all our friends and family over.

So what’s the premise? It’s pretty simple—you’ll get a four-course meal prepared by incredible chefs delivered to your door, creating a fine dining experience in your very own home. They’ll even throw in a live streamed musician and videos from the chefs to give you a rundown on what you’re enjoying. All you have to do is plate it up (with some oven heating required), pour some wine and settle in for a degustation with a few hundred other people across the country.

The Isolation Degustation is happening on Saturday 9 May in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and you’ll need at least two people (or one really hungry person) to order. Not in any of those cities? If you can rustle up 20 people in your area who want to get involved, Gathar might be able to organise a feast for all of you.

The menu is still a surprise for now, but while you imagine all the tasty things you could be dining on, check out the details here and place your order. Then you’d better go hunt down that white tablecloth in the linen cupboard, hey?

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Image credit: Gathar

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