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It’s World Nutella Day!

By Jessica Pridmore
5th Feb 2016

Ermagawd! Blessed day everyone, for today is World Nutella Day! Though not so great for persons with nut allergies, the rest of us must celebrate our unhealthy, yet totally socially acceptable obsession with the gooey stuff.

After a nail-biting hazelnut shortage scare over the last 18 months—truly terrifying—we're pleased as punch to report that we're back firing on all cylinders, with people around the world tucking into jars of Nutella today.

Whether you’re a spoon double-dipper (it’s not like you were going to share anyway), or prefer yours spread over some equally delicious food group, pop a lid and gorge on this chocolatey mega spread. Hurrah!

Need a Nutella hit right now? Hit up your fave spread at some of Brisbane’s finest establishments in Brisbane's best Nutella everything!

Image credit: Nutella

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