Kickin’ It Old School | Savoury Mince in Brisbane

By Kim Barnard
11th Sep 2013

In case you haven't noticed, menus in Brisbane these days are getting a bit fancy. With lots of venues competing for who can be the trendiest when it come to their cuisine, it can be difficult to find food to eat that is just plain good, no frills required. 

Sometimes, we all crave a bit of comfort food; something familiar, homely, and delicious that we can sink our teeth into (without worrying about getting micro herbs or goji berries stuck in them). 

Which brings us to the holy grail of simple breakfasts: savoury mince. This old-school fave is making a bit of a comeback on menus around Brisbane at the moment, and we are jumping for joy. Sure, it's kind of daggy, and it's definitely not pretty, but sometimes a big plate of spicy, savoury, meaty goodness is all you really need.

Here are our picks for Brisbane's best savoury mince:

Café Auchenflower
Is there anything better than delicious savoury mince . . . ON A JAFFLE? Short answer: Nope.

Dandelion & Driftwood
Appropriately called 'grannie's famous savoury mince' this D&D concoction conjures up childhood memories with its classic combination of peas, corn, and carrot. Served simply with toasted sourdough, this dish is a classic. 

I nearly cried when I ate Pablo's mince offering, it was so good. The addition of slow-cooked chorizo, speck, cherry tomatoes and spinach, with a fried egg and a dollop of delicious crème fraiche thrown on top for good measure, make this absolutely epic.

Lady Marmalade
Lady Marmalade's savoury mince is kind of famous, and we can see why. Just the right amount of seasoning, crumbly fetta, roast tomato, gremolata on top, and sourdough on the side. Yum. 

A long-time Brisbane brekky icon, Sassafras doesn't let us down in the mince stakes. Their spicy beef on organic sourdough (with grilled tomato and poached egg) is timeless.

The Ponycat
We're big fans of The Ponycat's menu, which is all about simple food, done well. Their savoury mince on crusty bread, topped with a fried egg is the ultimate in no-nonsense, hearty fare.

Togninis Cafe Deli
Savoury mince with poached eggs on Turkish bread. And that's it. Perfect.

Café Bouquiniste
One of our favourite little nooks, Café Bouquiniste's mince is just like mum used to make. Served with organic fried eggs and toast.

New Farm Deli & Café
We love a bit of spice, and New Farm Deli's lamb mince cooked in rich tomato ragu (with a poached egg and toast) has just the right amount of bite.

Where have we missed? Let us know, below!

Image credit: NZ Women's Weekly

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