Start Making Plans, Queensland’s Coronavirus Restrictions Are Being Eased From Tomorrow

By Ranyhyn Laine
31st May 2020

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Over the last few weeks, Queenslanders revelled in their newly reinstated freedom to be able to travel locally for day trips, dine in at restaurants and visit friends and family in their homes, and—for the most—stuck to social distancing guidelines. While Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk set out a three-stage plan for coming out of lockdown earlier in May, today, Sunday 31 May, she announced changes to the timeline, with additional relaxations to restrictions coming into effect as of Monday 1 June. 

From tomorrow, Queenslanders will be able to travel unlimited distances within the state, with overnight stays allowed for those camping and holidaying. Gatherings of up to 20 will also be allowed, including at restaurants, cafes and pubs that have re-opened their doors, as well as at gyms, weddings, libraries and entertainment and cultural venues such as museums, galleries and cinemas. 

Furthermore, as of Friday 5 June, larger pubs and venues will be able to have 20 patrons in each defined space (such as seperate bars) as long as they have a COVID-19 safety plan in place. 

The anouncements come after two weeks of minimal new cases across Queensland, with zero or just one new case most days. The Premier said Queensland’s “outstanding response” to the pandemic meant travel restrictions could be completely lifted, rather than just increased, even earlier than the planed date of June 12. Further relaxations will be considered at the end of June.

The full breakdown of what is allowed from tomorrow is below. 

Stage Two Of Lockdown Easing: Monday 1 June 

As of 12pm on Monday 1 June, the following is allowed:

  • Gatherings of up to 20 people: 
    • At home, including both residents and visitors
    • For dining in, including restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars, with 20 allowed per defined area as of Friday 5 June
    • At indoor cinemas 
    • At amusement parks, zoos, tourism experiences and arcades 
    • At concert venues, theatres and similar 
    • At beauty salons and spas 
    • For non-contact indoor and outdoor sport 
    • For personal training 
    • At gyms and yoga studios 
    • At indoor and outdoor pools and sports clubs 
    • In museums, galleries, libraries, historic sites and places of worship
    • For weddings
    • In playgrounds, parks and outdoor gyms 
    • For hiking, camping and other recreational activities in state parks 
    • In tourism accomodation 
    • In public spaces and lagoons
  • Recreational travel, camping and accomodation (with no limits on travel) 

Stage Three: Saturday 11 July 

Pending the evaluation of stage two measures, gatherings of up to 100 people will be allowed for all of the activities and businesses previously listed, with further businesses such as nightclubs, food courts, tattoo parlours and non-therapeutic massage parlours added. Borders will also reopen, with intrastate travel permitted. 

Public health rules to maintain pysical distancing, four square metres per person indoors, hand hygiene and frequent environmental cleaning and disinfection will also remain in place throughout all of the three stages. 

But that's it folks—if checks at the end of each four week stage have positive results, Queensland will be out of lockdown and almost back to normal by the July. We'll see you at the pub for beer when it's all over. 

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Image credit: Grace Elizabeth Smith

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