Say Cheers, Queenslanders Can Now Stand Up And Drink At The Pub

By Ranyhyn Laine
2nd Oct 2020

the bar inside Suzie Wongs

We know it's a weird thing to be getting excited over, but damn if we aren't frothing at the bit to head to our favourite bar this weekend and knock a beer without having to find a table first. Because as of 4pm today, Friday 2 October, Queenslanders are allowed to eat and drink standing up at the pub, the bar or any indoor or outdoor venue with a checklist and a COVID-safe plan in place, though social distancing between groups still needs to be maintained.

That's not all the news that Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced this morning—there's also an entire three-stage plan for further easing of restrictions over the next two months, after no further cases of community transmission and only six active cases in the state. 

Also from today, outdoor density requirements increase to one person per square meter at outdoor venues, beer gardens and theme parks, up to 1000 people are allowed at outdoor events with a COVID-safe plan in place and stadium capacity increases to 75%. 

Then, from 1am on1 November, gatherings of up to 40 people will be allowed in people's homes and up to 40 people will be allowed to dance at weddings—so brush off your dancing shoes. If NSW has not had any community transmission for 28 days, the borders will also open to the entire state, no mandatory quarantine necessary. 

Finally, from 1am on 1 December, private gatherings will increase to 50 in number, with unlimited dancing at weddings. Outdoor event capacity will also increase to up to 1500—so don't give up on those Christmas party plans just yet.

You can see the full roadmap below—read it, memorise it and keep washing your hands. 


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Image credit: Sophie Spencer

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