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Mick’s Nuts | The Verdict

By AJ James
8th Oct 2013

If someone asked me to nominate my favourite food discovery in Brisbane this year, I'd definitely say Mick's Nuts. And yes, it's a big call, seeing we've had some deliciously stellar new entries onto our city's dining scene in 2013. But, trust me, this one is a golden oldie, and there's good reason it's been around and beloved by customers for so very long.

Now, I know some of you might be thinking "Wow. You are really behind the eight ball with this one", and you'd be right. Anyone with even the slightest food obsession has been aware of Mick and his nutty wares for yonks. It's just that, until recently, I'd never ventured into this nut haven. But, rest assured, TUL is now well and truly on the Mick's-Nuts-loving bandwagon. You could say we're nuts about it. #punintended

So make haste for the intersection of Hardgrave and Vulture Streets in West End, and step inside what really is a treasure trove of pantry staples, hard to find ingredients and, for the health nuts, all those things your favourite blogs dictate you use in your diet (think steel cut oats, coconut oil, cacao nibs, etc).

The shelves are piled high to the ceiling with bags of every type of nut (not surprising, given the name), and many mixes of mueslis, dried legumes, and fruits. Seriously good things, and at very fair prices too, might I add.

And we haven't even gotten to the treats to be found. You've got your nuts/sultanas coated in yoghurt, chocolate, vege chips, and soya crisps!

Which brings us to the fridge: Packed with yoghurts and many a cheese, and, each morning, you'll find Bill (he runs the ship these days) putting out cartons of fresh eggs.

Yep. TUL loves Mick's Nuts. And so should you.

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Image Credit: Leona Fietz

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