Pull Apart A Sizzler Toast-Inspired Rainbow Cheese Toastie At This Insane Burger Joint

By Ranyhyn Laine
2nd Sep 2020

Two halves of a toastie filled with multi-coloured melted cheese being pulled apart.

Insanely epic burger joint Milky Lane is never short of an epic burger, shake or side, but when it comes to ridiculously over-the-top eats that will make you simultaneously want to book a table and run for the hills, their monthly specials are where it’s at.

Every month the crew here try to outdo themselves with drool-worthy creations, and this month, we think they might have peaked. On the menu for the whole of September is a Sizzler Toast-inspired rainbow mozzarella cheese toastie. We repeat: Rainbow. Mozzarella. Cheese. Toastie. 

Where does the ‘Sizzler Toast’ come in, you ask? Well, after it’s loaded up with that rainbow-coloured mozzarella cheese, the toastie is basted with crunchy parmesan, just for a little extra flair. We’ll take five, thanks. 

Of course, that’s not the only special to get yourself into Milky Lane for—there’s also a heart attack-inducing waffle burger loaded with Hot Dorito fried chicken, ice cream and maple syrup, a deep-fried Caramilk and Biscoff calzone (drool), and a Snickers mega shake. Order one or order it all, it’s all only available until the end of September. Check out all the specials on their Instagram here, or ask for it next time you're at their Newstead venue.

If you prefer to do your cheese smashing in private, check out this raclette-delivery service.

Image credit: Milky Lane 

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