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Music On A Monday | New Manic Spree at The Zoo!

By Adam Gerrard
1st Jul 2013

Formerly Brisbane-based rock quartet New Manic Spree are set for a triumphant homecoming gig with the release of their massive new single Ghosts.

The big move to Melbourne they mentioned last time we covered them is already paying dividends; the plethora of inspiration in Australia's cultural capital has provided the band with a new bag of tricks.

The first thing one will notice is the beautiful strings at the beginning of the first bridge. Throughout the song, the string quartet (and in parts octet!) add depth and grandeur to the mood in a way New Manic Spree haven't done before.

Composer/arranger extraordinaire, David Paterson collaborated with the band, providing the string quartet arrangement. One can really feel the result—there's no electronic gadget that can substitute actual musicians playing together in the same room.

Another new element is the thick synth drone that enters the mix with a thump at the end of the first chorus. Instead of a predictable fierce guitar tirade, it was refreshing to hear that deep electronic bass as the focal point at that crucial part of the song. Long-time fans don't worry—some fierce guitar comes in after the second chorus.

Finally, the unusual drum pattern here adds another dimension to the already brimming track. While there is so much going on, the ample negative space in the track lends an uncluttered feel and allows the drums to breathe. As a result, they sound huge. Drummer, Dan Maio is a recent addition to the band and, from this first offering, seems like a real find.

If you like this track as much as I do, get down to The Zoo to feel that deep buzzing synth through your whole body. Nothing compares to being in the same room.

What: New Manic Spree | Ghosts Single Launch
The Zoo
When: Saturday 20th July
Tickets: $15 from
The Zoo

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