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We Tried The First Bio-Hacking IV Treatment In Australia

By Jessica Pridmore
23rd May 2019

Never heard of NAD+ IV before? Neither had we. Kind of...

A treatment that has been doing the rounds for a number of years in the US and Europe, NAD+ IV has been touted as a ‘miracle’ treatment, leaving patients feeling energised and rejuvenated from the inside out. It gets seriously interesting when you see it’s actually got science backing it up, and the green light from professional athletes who have been undergoing NAD+ IV treatment for years (given its proven cell renewal and energy boosting properties, ideal for post-game and even injury recovery).

What is NAD+ IV?

Nutrient rich IV treatments are nothing new in Australia, thanks to an ever-growing wellness movement sweeping across the country and our appetite for anything claiming anti-ageing properties and an ability to make us feel more energised.

If biohacking is in fact the next frontier in a merge of science and the health industry, NAD+ IV is the latest in a wave of scientifically-backed treatments appearing on the market elevating the human body’s potential.

So, how does it work?

The difference between NAD+ IV and other nutrient-rich IV treatments? NAD, or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, is a naturally occurring co-enzyme found in the body that promotes cell regeneration, essentially helping the body slow down the ageing process on a cellular level. Combining this naturally occurring enzyme with IV therapy means that you’re topping up what your body naturally recognises as a kick-start for cell renewal, not a synthetic vitamin surplus often noted in many of the cheaper IV treatment options.


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Dr Edwina Morgan, the Resident Medical Aesthetics Practitioner at Kailo Wellness Medispa inside The Calile in Fortitude Valley is a big believer. "Although new to the Australian market, this treatment is unlike anything the health and wellness industry has on offer. It’s an astounding product with benefits that are unheard of at this point. NAD+ levels naturally decline with age, but replenishing stores repairs our DNA cells and is proven to reverse the ageing process," she says.

Do you have a NAD+ deficiency? 

NAD+ deficiencies are surprisingly commonplace, with Dr. Morgan stating stress, poor diet and inflammation all being contributing factors to low levels of NAD+ found in her patients and we all know that feeling overtired, often deskbound and working long hours in front of blue light screens can play havoc with our energy levels and general wellbeing. And that’s where a course of NAD+ IV can help.

After an initial consultation, the treatment itself takes from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the patient, and is administered via an IV drip that slowly releases the customised co-enzyme into the bloodstream. Patients are placed in a secluded (and, may we add, incredibly relaxing) wellness pod and are under the supervision of the spa’s nurse throughout the treatment. After administration you’re free to go about your day, no downtime required.

“The effects of NAD+ IV therapy can last up to two weeks, with patients commonly having described feeling more energised and mentally alert” says Dr. Morgan of post-treatment results.

How often do you have to do this?

The team at Kailo suggest booking in every 4-6 weeks for the best, ongoing, benefits, however NAD+ IV is also a treatment that you can book in for any time you’re feeling like you need an energy boost or have that foggy feeling when at work.

If you’re looking for a full body pick-me-up and your daily caffeine hit just isn’t doing what it used to, or you simply want a boost of energy coming into the colder months, hit up the team at Kailo Wellness Medispa for more information on the NAD+ IV treatment. Your body (and mind) will thank you for it.

The Details

What: NAD+ IV Treatment
Where: Kailo Wellness Medispa, The Calile, Fortitude Valley 
For more info, click here.

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