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Prepare To Be Amazed, Taco Bell’s Insane New Creation Is A Taco With A Fried Chicken Shell

By Kaamilah Senese
2nd Oct 2020

A hand holding the naked chicken taco in front of a purple wall

As if American fast food isn’t genius enough, you’ll be losing over Taco Bell’s latest menu item. To celebrate International Taco Day on Sunday 4 October, the iconic Tex-Mex chain is launching a limited edition naked chicken taco—a handful that is so out there, we reckon it’s a must-try.

When we say this taco is naked, we mean naked. Seriously, it’s shell-less but not, because the shell is crafted from 100% crispy fried chicken. Not a tortilla insight, just a big fat chunk of perfectly seasoned, succulent chicken.

If that isn’t mouth-watering enough, wait till you hear about the filling. This taco is stuffed to the brim with juicy tomato chunks, crispy shredded lettuce and topped with a huge handful of cheddar cheese. We get it, it sounds absolutely insane, but in the most delicious way possible.

Better yet, it’s about triple the size of a regular taco so all you really need is a side of hot chippies and an ice-cold beverage. Plus, since there’s no bread involved, it's carb-free, right? So you can feel at least a little less guilty about indulging...

So, if you’re a little behind on the Taco Bell train or just need some extra spice in your life, this is your excuse to jump on the bandwagon. This bad boy will be available in Taco Bell’s Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne locations from Sunday 4 October, but only for a limited time, or you can even get it delivered via Menu log. So no matter where you are, wrap those hands around a naked taco.

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