New Fitness Trends for People Who Hate Fitness

By Rachel Lay
28th Jan 2016

New Fitness Trends

Each year it seems that securing our summer body gets postponed until it’s actually summer and we’re about 15 delish scrolls too far to be about anything other than food. With no time for cross fit, stair runs or anything overly exertive we turned to these ultimate fitness hacks for people who ain’t got time for working on their fitness.  Don’t worry though, boot camps are so out in 2016.

Wearable Tech

We’re pretty sure a FitBit was under everyone’s tree last Christmas. But if you haven’t touched it, your excuses end here. These little guys will count your steps, your calories, your everything. Plus, if you meet your step goals for the day you don’t need to hit the gym. Winning.

Online Dance

Dancing is so fun it couldn’t be exercise, I hear you say. But it is. And it totally counts as a workout. Thanks to dance apps popping up all over the shop you can dance on your own, with randoms online, or your best mates. We’re pretty into the Dance Break app, and think it may be the best invention thus far. Look out Beyonce.


Swimming is the ultimate lazy work out. Think about it: it cools you down, and you burn bulk calories without the sweat. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Chuck on a pair of flippers and you’ll feel like Phelps. We’re even into ocean swimming these days. Mermaid status here we come.

Couch Workouts

The hardest part about working out is often getting off the couch. But thanks to a bunch of nifty YouTube videos and apps you don’t even need to leave the couch. Did you know your couch makes the perfect spot to do some bicep dips?

Retro Running

If you often feel like your workout efforts are heading backwards, maybe you should try backwards running.  It’s totally big in Japan, so you know it’s good. For safety (and, laziness measures) we recommend starting off with backwards walking and maybe a safety buddy.

In-Store Work Outs

Shopping has long been considered the lazy girl’s work out. Shopping can be damn hard work, expensive shoes are heavy too. But, now stores are offering actual shopping workouts. Head into places like Lorna Jane and Lulu Lemon to suss out their in store work out offerings.

Hoola Hooping

Our general rule of thumb is, if Michelle Obama does it then it’s bound to be good; hence our love of hula hooping as our workout du jour. Hula Hooping feels like the farthest thing from a workout, but, it delivers washboard abs.

Image credit: Pinterest

Want to try more weirdly awesome workouts? Try crunning!

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