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You Can Still Grab Tickets For Nick Offerman’s Brisbane Show

By James Shackell
20th Jun 2019


Hard to believe, but there are still a few tickets available for Nick Offerman’s Brisbane show, All Rise. It’s on Friday 21 June at QPAC—that’s tomorrow night, people.

After selling out performances in Melbourne and Sydney, Offerman is in Brisbane for one night only. No extra shows here, unfortunately. Which means this might be your last chance to see a true craftsman on Australian soil (in every sense of the word). 

All Rise is Offerman’s first Aussie tour since the critically acclaimed Full Bush in 2016. The show itself is a strange mash-up of “deliberative talking and light dance”, full of Offerman quips, meditations on humanity and consumerism, and some surprisingly mellow acoustic guitar.

"The new show is a little more incisive than Full Bush," Offerman tells me down the phone. "It’s still a great deal of fun. There's a new set of songs. But it’s sort of taking some social ills head on, rather than skirting around. I used to suggest that people carry a handkerchief and say please and thank-you more often, but I don’t think that's going to do the trick."

Nick's wife, the inimitable Megan Mullally, isn't directly involved in this production (unlike Full Bush), but Offerman says she's still pulling the strings. "She’ll be directing the special. She has an incredible eye as a director, I tend to run things by her. If you live with a master Jedi, it would be foolish not to have them take a look at your lightsaber skills. She’s unequivocally funnier than I am. She’s like a whole established genre."

The best bit about performing in Australia? Offerman says it's the audiences. "The great thing is that Australian audiences, and this happend with Full Bush as well, they're sadly so much better versed in American politics than American audiences. It astonishes me how ignorant and complacent how American audiences can be."

Tickets start from $81.90, which is an absolute steal. When you’re lying on your death bed, thinking back on glorious youthful memories, seeing Nick Offerman live will almost certainly crack the Top 10.

You can book seats direct through QPAC, but get your skates on. There’s a good chance they’ll all be gone by tomorrow.

The Details

Where: QPAC
When: Friday 21 June, 8pm
For more info, click here.

More good news: we just heard TYGA will be headlining this GC festival

Image credit: Christopher Gregory

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