Brisbane’s Northside v Southside: Who Really Has It Best?

By Phoebe Grealy
22nd Dec 2015

There are some teams that you are just on for life. And nothing can sway you to change allegiance.

For example, you vote Labor or Liberal, you support the Maroons or the Blues, you like chips or chocolate…and you are only ever a Brisbane Northsider or a Southsider.

Everyone knows that the side of the river you live on says a lot about you and determines where you like to hang out, where you eat and especially who you date (Romeo and Juliet have nothing on an ill-fated North-South match). Which got us at The Urban List thinking – in the showdown between Brisbane’s Northside and the Southside: which side really has it best?

Southside is Obvs #1
Argued by Phoebe Grealy

Brought up in Yeronga and now living in hidden Southside gem Salisbury, Phoebe is a staunch Southsider who says: why bother going north of the river? Everything good is already south.

Here are just 10 reasons why the Southside is, and always will be, the premier side of Brisbane:

  1. All the best Asian food is Southside: Sunnybank, Darra and Inala have the best Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and Chinese food in the STATE.
  2. The most awesome event Brisbane has ever seen, Expo 88, was held at South Bank. People are still talking about Expo while I’m struggling to think of an international event that has ever been held on the Northside?
  3. The Kangaroo Point cliffs has a view over Brisbane that dreams are made of. And everyone knows the Kangaroo Point stairs are the best work out in town.
  4. Stefan’s Sky Needle – a monument to what, we don’t know – but all we need to know is he planted that bad boy south.
  5. We have bacon and eggs at Merriweather, quiche and croissants at Cake & Bake, espresso martinis at Maker, craft beers at Archive and flat whites at Blackstar. Not to mention, West End has enough food and drink possibilities to last a lifetime. Trips over the river = redundant.
  6. It’s less than an hour to go for a relaxing weekend swim at the awesome beaches of Burleigh and Broadbeach. You’ll need to double that time if you’re coming all the way from the Northside. And don’t even start me on the eternal Northside traffic jam you need to endure to get to the (admittedly stunning) Sunshine Coast.
  7. Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Warnie, Jonathon Brown? You’ll see them all walking around on the Southside because we have the lion's share of exciting sporting events at The Gabba and the Brisbane International Tennis.
  8. Every iconic, old-school cinema is Southside and at the Eldorado, the Regal, the Hawthorne and the Balmoral you can see a movie, get some popcorn AND a delicious choc top and still have change from $20.
  9. There’s so much awesome access to the beautiful Brisbane River and it’s a rite of passage for every cyclist to ride alongside it on the River Loop.  This means that the Southside is filled with a much higher proportion of fit, hot people than anywhere else in town.
  10.  Australia’s largest maternity service, the Mater Mothers in South Brisbane, deliver over 10,000 babies each year. Statistically, the majority of parents in Brisbane choose to bring their child into the world on the Southside.  Yup, I would too.

Northside, Represent.
Argued by Sophia McMeekin

Having swanned around the ‘burbs of Clayfield, Wilston, and Alderley for close to 15 years, Sophia can confidently call herself a true blue Northsider. She believes Northsiders can be identified by their affinity for great coffee, their love of Toombul shopping centre (there are always car parks. ALWAYS.) and their general good looks.

Even though it’s hardly worth the effort because the answer is so clear, here are 10 indisputable reasons the Northside is the bomb diggity:

1. Toombul shopping centre is a jewel on the Brisbane shopping landscape, and one that only a true Northsider can appreciate (remember that tragic time they CLOSED THE CINEMA FOR A WHILE—weep). Chermside Shopping Centre, or ‘Chermy’ as it’s known, is also on the Northside but you’d only go here if someone forced you at gunpoint.
2. We have the airport on our side. Thus, our airport cab rides are reasonably priced, leaving us with precious savings we’ll later use to buy beautiful real estate on our lush, tree-lined Northside streets.
3. We’ve got the Eat Street Markets, the best markets in Brisbane.
4. The lighting on the Northside is gentle and flattering, like a European summer, making everyone on the Northside appear more attractive. Science is yet to prove why this is—there must be a hole in the ozone layer above South Brisbane or something. Shame.
5. West End smells like hobo feet. Ascot smells like fresh linen and pink Ralph Lauren polos.
6. The Northside is home to some of the best suburban cafes in Brisbane: Dandelion & Driftwood, The Low Road, Nana & Da’s, Spring Hill Deli, Harveys. We could go on, but we’ve got a brunch date in 15.
7. We have James Street, the epicentre of shiny haired people in Brisbane, home to Jamie’s (go here for Brisbane’s best coffee), Tinderbox (go here for Brisbane’s best pizza), and Sixes and Sevens (go here to be groped by preps).
8. We have Nudgee Beach, a waterway renowned for its stunning natural beauty.
9. The stunning Sunshine Coast is just a short drive away (and even shorter without that pesky Story Bridge traffic).
10. We have the WHOLE CBD on our side. Without the Northside there would be no commerce.

What do you think? Tell us which side of town is the best!

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