PSA: This Is The Best Time Of The Week To Apply For Your Dream Job

By Morgan Reardon
5th Sep 2018

best time to apply for a job

The whole process of searching for a new job is the actual pits, right? It’s bad enough you’re over your current role and have missed out on valuable Netflix viewing hours updating your resume, now you have to trawl through job sites looking for something you actually like.

Seriously why isn’t cuddling puppies and eating endless supplies of chocolate a legit profession? 

Anyway, we digress, we actually have some very good news for you. We, (ok, an employment agency if we’re being honest), have discovered the exact time of the week you should be applying for your dream job. 

According to Job Today the golden time and day is…drumroll…Wednesday 9am. And why is that you ask? Well, according to the Luxembourg based agency 17% of employers post new jobs on hump day and 47% of job hunters are invited for an interview within 24 hours of a job advertisement being posted on a Wednesday too. Makes sense to us. So Wednesday 9am it is. 

And it looks like we need a helping hand when it comes to seeking out employment. According to a recent survey by Deloitte, we’re applying for jobs a lot more often than our parents. A whopping 59% of Gen Z said they would expect to stay with their current employer for less than two years. 

Now you know the golden hour, go forth and find your dream career. Happy job hunting y’all. 

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Image Credit: Unsplash 

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