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Queensland Calls Last Drinks: New 2am Lockout Laws To Start July 1

By Phoebe Grealy
17th Feb 2016

Did Shakespeare stop drinking at 2am? Einstein? Churchill certainly didn’t.

But if they were alive and visited our great town of Brisbane they would have little choice because it was announced today that the Queensland government have reached an agreement to pass new 2am lockout laws.

"My government's laws will pass through the parliament of Queensland," Premier Palaszczuk said of the lockout laws that are set to take effect from July 1.

The proposed laws mean that all venues in Queensland will have to stop serving alcohol at 2am. (This excludes 15 designated ‘Safe Night Precincts’ which will be required to stop serving alcohol at 3am.)

But that’s not the last of the news; the laws are set to ramp up even further in 2017, with a 1am lockout law set to be introduced from February 1. Eek!

Tireless cheerleaders that we are of Brisbane's thriving bar scene, we're virtually inconsolable about losing our precious 2am-3am drinking pocket, not to mention bar hopping with abandon.

What do you think? Do the ‘last drinks’ lockout laws stink? Hit us up!

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