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Your Favourite Roti Bar Has Re-Opened In The CBD

By Catherine Blake
20th May 2019

Brisbane’s favourite pitstop for authentic Malaysian nosh is back up and running after a brief refurbishment.

Yep, Roti Place has re-opened in the CBD. In fact they've taken over that beautiful heritage site, which used to be Little Singapore (and also the old George Weston and Sons workshop). 

Since 2015, Roti Place has been our go-to for delicious Malaysian dishes like Nasi Lemak, Char Kuey Teow, and their iconic Kam Heong crab (made with the freshest wild-caught crab on the Gold Coast). But it’s the roti that built their loyal fan base and put a second location in West End, where fans and aficionados have been flocking throughout the renovation.

Not to be confused with Naan bread, which is leavened, roti originates from Indian as a savoury, flaky flatbread. You can find it in Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Maldives, Thailand, Bangladesh, the Caribbean, Fiji, Mauritius, various parts of Africa, and, of course, Malaysia. It’s a massively versatile dietary staple that features prominently in Malaysian marketplaces, which is precisely where Roti Place takes their cue.

Now that RP's Charlotte Street store is back, punters can return to get their fix of delicious flaky roti with curry. Naturally, every single roti is made fresh on site daily, and thanks to the new open-plan kitchen, diners have a front-row seat to the intricate process of roti production. 

The details

What: Roti Place CBD reopens
Where: 42 Charlotte Street
When: 11am-9.30pm weekdays, 11.30-9.30pm Saturdays, 11.30-9pm Sundays

Image credit: Roti Place | Facebook

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