Suki, Brisbane’s First EVER Poke Restaurant Opens Today!

By Jessica Pridmore
18th Apr 2017


Yes, we know, we’ve been banging on about the impending opening of poke restaurant, Suki in South Brisbane since late last year—you know how we get about food. We're a tad over-dramatic...

We also picked it when we said that poke bowls (pronounced, poh-keh, FYI gang) would be the next big food trend to sweep through Brisbane after taking our sister cities by storm, so we’re delighted to FINALLY announce that Suki opens today! Huzzah!

New Brisbane restaurant, Suki is bringing its take on the traditional Hawaiian dish, poke, along with delicious sushi burritos (you’ll get over the weirdness of it once you try them—promise!) to your mouth piece.

Tapping in to the healthy eating set, poke is all about the good stuff: cured raw fish traditionally on a bed of rice (but you'll be able to choose from quinoa and kelp, too at Suki) and served with a plethora of veggies makes these little bowls not only filling, but tasty to boot. Oh, and they’re totally gorgeous so expect them to be blowing up on your Insta feed later today.

In addition to fresh poke bowls and sushi burritos on the menu, Suki’s sister venue, Ramen has also just opened next door, and, you guessed it, serve up Ramen—just in time for the cooler months!

Open everyday from 11am until late, we’re so glad you’re finally with us, Suki. Brisbane, you know what to do!

Image credit: Suki

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