Taro’s Ramen Is Opening ANOTHER Location!

By Alex Topakas
25th Oct 2017


Ramen is life. FACT. Soup-y goodness that feeds our bellies and our souls, we truly could eat it on the daily—no questions asked. However, not all ramen is made equal (heck no), and it can be a strenuous search to find the perfect shiyo based broth or tender noods.

One place that nails it ever single time, though? Taro's Ramen. An actual legend on the Brisbane dining set, Taro's Ramen is known city-wide for great freaking noodles. So the fact that they've just announced a new location in South Brisbane is HUGE!

Legendary ramen chef Taro Akimoto is opening up his new venue on 154 Melbourne in South Brisbane—great news for you southsiders! Taking the spot of former Paella bar Socarrat, Taro's new restaurant is said to open mid-November. 

The 80-seat venue will feature good mix of their iconic dishes (ramen—of course!) alongside delectable side dishes, Japanese sake and shochu. 

We cannot wait!

The Details

When: Mid November, TBA
Where: 154 Melbourne St, South Brisbane

Need ramen faster than November (I mean, ramen is life)? Fair enough, they have their flagship here.

Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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