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TGIF Mixtape | Curated by Pete Kilroy

By Phil Swan
23rd Aug 2013

We love a burger here at TUL, and the guys at Burger Urge do a pretty mean one. Turns out they're not just into burgers though—they're music lovers as well!

We caught up with Burger Urge marketing manager, Pete Kilroy to find out some of the perks of his job, and he's also put together one of the best TGIF Mixtapes to date!

TUL: Marketing for Burger Urge, some may say that's their dream job! What's the best part?

PK: Probably working for a company that has such a great product! It makes the job easier than it would be otherwise.

TUL: You can only eat one Burger Urge burger for the rest of the year. Which one is it?

PK: Can't go past the New Yorker. Although, the Hawaii Six-O runs a close second.

TUL: Burgers can be a messy food. Do you wipe your face as you go? Or do you push through and deal with the consequences later?

PK: Damn the consequences! Nah, I'll clean up as I go along. Seems like good manners.

TUL: What do you get up to in your spare time? 

PK: Music! Seriously, between the job and the music, there really isn't much time left. 

TUL: (Note - Pete is in a little band by the name of Hey Geronimo)

TUL: What's your go-to date spot in Brisbane?

PK: Albion Park Raceway, followed by a few schooners at the Hammo.

TUL: Best place for a beer after a long day at work?

PK: We built a cigar lounge at home, so I'd have to say there. That's right, a cigar lounge!

TUL: Best music venue in Brisbane?

PK: It was The Troubadour, but now I'd have to say The Zoo.

TUL: Most played song in iTunes?

PK: All Colours, by My Own Pet Radio

TUL: What's a song you always skip in front of your mates but turn up the volume when it's just you?

PK: Not really anything. My music mates like the same music I do, and my other friends, well, they need to be educated so I force it all down their throats!

Without further ado, here is your TGIF Mixtape with plenty of songs to ease you into the weekend.

Burger Urge by The Urban List on Grooveshark

Thanks, Pete! 

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