The List | Everything We’re Loving This Month

By Rachel Lay
24th Feb 2016

Each month one member of The Urban List team will be sharing their current obsessions, and—shock—not all of it’s edible! 

This month, Content Marketing Executive Rachel Lay narrows her must-haves down to 10 fabulous things; from crumpet to jewels, here’s everything we’re loving this month. 


#1 YCL Crystal Cave Set

We’re obsessed with the layered, dainty look and this necklace is the prettiest way to style it. Need!

#2 Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur Perfector

Yes, we confess we’re into this coz of the packaging, but it also makes your skin look flawless. 

#3 Aark Collective Shell White 

A different take on the watch trend, we’re loving the shell detailing

#4 Alexander Wang Anouck Boot With Rose Gold 

We’re keeping our shoe game strong in the lead up to winter, and these boots are too cute to ignore. 

#5 Comme Des Garcons Play Printed Heart T-Shirt

The perfect tee to take you from bed, to the office, to an event, to the beach, and back to bed. So cute

#6 Merriweather Sourdough Crumpets 

You haven’t had crumpets til you’ve had these babies. We haven’t stopped craving them sine we tried them.

#7 Sriracha 2Go Bottles

We love spice, but not everything on the menu can deliver the punch we’re after. Enter: Sriacha 2Go Bottles. Now everything’s spicy. 

#8 HLSK Petris II 

You know you’re in for a treat when a ring that’s beautiful is also hand made and made with natural stones. Lovin’ it. 

#9 Belinda Marshall Art Abstract Fine Art Print

Who doesn’t love art that’s beautiful and affordable? Answer: no one!

#10 Kreafunk Ahead Bluetooth Headphones

Apart from being really ridiculously good looking, these head phones are super practical too. They’ve even got a microphone which is a plus for us. 


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