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This Spray And Sip Class Lets You Freestyle Spray Paint On Supersize Canvases

By Catherine Blake
6th Nov 2018

Upstairs of West End’s Montague Hotel is where you’ll find an innovative street art-style concept studio. It’s called The Montana Art Project and it’s like a warm bosom of creative expression.

Designed by artist Stewart Shuker and hotelier Peter Stark, the vision for The Montana Art Project was a juncture where friends and fellow creatives can meet and foster each other’s creativity within a welcoming, well lubricated space. The custom space is a judgement-free zone and the perfect environment to chill out with a bevvie and work some magic on the canvas.

As for the artworks themselves, TMAP favours a grungy approach so concepts like ‘the rulebook’ or ‘perfection’ go right out the window, and raw creativity has free reign.

And, of course, where there is drinking there must also be munch, so it’s super handy that the Montague Hotel is literally right below the studio so visitors can order up some primo snackage from their kitchen. To get a booking, simply rally the team, head over to TMAP’s website and choose a session.

The details

What: The Montana Art Project Paint ‘n Sip
Where: Montague Hotel, West End
Details: $55pp

Image credit: provided, The Montana Art Project

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