Two Minutes with Bo & Luca

By Kim Barnard
23rd Sep 2013

Finding the right wedding dress is arguably the most important part for a bride when planning her wedding, but it can be tricky to match up the vision in your head with what's available. That's why finding the perfect designer is imperative - someone who shares your aesthetic and style is the key to finding a dress that is just right for you.

We were so excited to catch up with Shannon Pittman, the Creative Director behind Bo & Luca, a beautiful bridal boutique in Brisbane, to chat to her about the brand, the design process, and the Bo & Luca bride.

TUL: Tell us about Bo & Luca. How did the business come to be?
Both of my grandmothers were the most impeccably dressed women, I guess this is a reflection of their era, a sophistication in which has somehow disappeared in this day and age, one of my grandmothers was a bridal wear couturier so I guess I am breathing life into her legacy, I love beautiful and unique pieces, I lived in Dubai for the past 7 years and have travelled the world extensively for the last 8 years and have met the most amazing artisans from all around the globe, I wanted to bring into the bridal industry beautiful handcrafted pieces with a modern day edge I have created these gowns for the women with the endearing spirit a playful nature the dreamers and wanderers of the world, 

TUL: What would you like people to get out of your designs?
I would like people to understand and appreciate the complexity and intricate detailing of the gowns and see them for that rare boutique luxury that is not often seen in todays mass produced society, to take away that special feeling of having something special to hand down as an heirloom piece.

TUL: What do you love about bridal fashion? 
I love that on this very special day – their wedding day, a women can dress up and feel like the most beautiful version of herself. 

TUL: Have there been any particular icons or influences that have steered the direction of the brand?
I love to look at black and white portraits of the 60s and 70s and most definitely the icons of these decades with their free spirited nature play a huge part in how I structure my gowns.  These women to name a few Brigette Bardot, Talitha Getty and my modern day icons Kate Moss and Erin Wasson are iconic women who have definitely paved a unique edge into fashion of their time. These women all share an independent, confidence, push boundaries and are not afraid to stand out in today's society. 

TUL: What type of bride is a Bo & Luca bride?
The Bo & Luca bride is a women who is not afraid to stand out on her wedding day, who exudes an inner confidence and is comfortable with her own sense of style, a women who wants nothing less than impeccable quality - a dreamer and wanderer of the world. 

TUL: What three words best describe your collections?
Modern, Unique, Luxury

TUL: What are the most important factors brides should consider when choosing their wedding gown?
I believe you need to be open to trying on different silhouettes because sometimes the cut you least expect can look amazing on you. Its not every day you try on such an extravagant piece.  Make sure when you choose a gown you choose something that reflects your personality and represents you own personal style, 

TUL: Where do you source your fabrics?
We travel all over the world, most of our silks are sourced from a silk mill in India then all of the silks and satins we use are hand dyed in off white or ivory. 

TUL: Can you tell us a bit about the design process? How do dresses go from conception to execution?
The process starts with a theme and then a story is conceptualized, images I have taken from my travels of mosaics, tiles and architecture are sketched into a design for the beadwork of the gowns. I lived in the middle east for the past 7 years before moving to Brisbane last year, so a lot of my inspiration behind the beadwork is reflected in this, all design work and pattern cutting is done here from our Brisbane studio and then we travel to India to have the gowns hand beaded and hand embroidered by master artisans. 

TUL: What's the best part of your job?
Seeing the beautiful brides who choose to wear a Bo & Luca gown, glow on their wedding day. 

TUL: What's the worst part?
We spend so much time in conceptualizing a collection from start to finish, the hardest part is taking down our mood boards and all of our inspiration once we have released the collection. 

TUL: Career highlight?
Seeing the beautiful Megan Gale wearing a Bo & Luca gown for a special editorial feature by The Lane was definite a milestone for such a young brand. 

TUL: How much is involved in the day-to-day running of the business? What does a typical day look like for you?
When you run a company, there is so much to get done in one day, there never seem to be enough hours in a day. We receive quite a large amount of emails from overseas clients, so these usually arrive over night, we try to get through most of them early morning.

I then sit with my assistant and master pattern maker in the morning and go over what we need to get through, from design conceptualization, to prioritizing which bridal gowns we need to work on and the immediate time frame we have for each gown, this all happens before we start with our fittings for the day, I like to attend all fittings with each client. 

TUL: What can readers expect to see in the new Bo & Luca collection?
The "West Azur' collection has a soft and romantic feel, we have chosen to use a lot of hand dyed creamy off white coloured silk gerogette in this collection so the gowns are very feminine and have a free spiited feel to them. 

TUL: What's next for Bo & Luca?
We are so excited about how the brand is growing and at such a rapid pace we have received an overwhelming response with our international clientele so next on the agenda is to expand our market out into international waters, watch this space...

Looking for a wedding dress? We might have just found your perfect place . . . 

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