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The Urban List Melbourne is here!

By Kim Barnard
24th Jul 2013

Last week, Sydney, this week, Melbourne! Look out, World, The Urban List is a'comin'!

Check our new Melbourne sister out here... and jump onto the Melbourne Facebook and Twitter pages so you can follow along!

We got up on all the goss on TUL Melbourne when we chatted with Melbourne Content Manager, Pip. She fills us in on what's in store from the Mexicans . . .

Pip jarvis

TUL: The Urban List Melbourne has launched! How do you feel? 
A little bit like I've just given birth – relieved, excited, and hoping everyone will find my baby as beautiful as I do! 

TUL: What is the best part about working at TUL?
Having a legitimate excuse to spend all my hard earned on food and drink. 

TUL: Why do you think TUL is an important resource for Melbournians?
With new cafés/boutiques/bars popping up all over town on a daily basis, it can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. We hope to make life a little easier for Melbourne residents by doing the curation for them, only letting them know about spots worth crossing the river for. 

TUL: What do you want people to take away from the site in Melbourne?
I want our readers to feel like they've just had a great chat with an in–the–know girl or guy friend each time they jump on. We want to entertain and inform about the people and places of our great city, without taking ourselves too seriously. 

TUL: Tell us a bit about you. How did you get here?
Brisbane-born, I'm from a consumer PR background, in Sydney and most recently with my own PR consultancy in Melbourne. But writing has always been my one true love. When the opportunity for this job came up, I almost fell out of my chair. Dream. Come. True. 

TUL: If you could have a super power what would it be?
Teleporting. Beats trying to get a cab on Swan Street at 1am. 

TUL: The last thing you purchased?
Acne pistol boots. Cost per wear is practically negative gearing. 

TUL: Best way to spend $50?
Grab a chicken or prawn laksa at Laksa King in Flemington, or some Pho on Victoria Street, then catch a movie at Palace Como (with an 'epic' pour of vino). Or wine, polenta chips, délice de Bourgogne cheese and girl talk at The City Wine Shop.  

TUL: And the best way to spend $500? 
Weekend in Mornington. Wineries. Massages. Hot springs.  

TUL: 3 great reads? Or musicians/albums you have on high rotation?
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, anything by Jilly Cooper, and I'm just about to revisit To Kill A Mockingbird for the first time since school. 

TUL: The best gift that you have ever received? 
I'm a child at heart, so Baby Talk and Teddy Ruxpin are still right up there. These days, I love 'experience' gifts, like weekends away, fancy dinners and tickets to shows.  

TUL: The best gift that you have ever given? 
My mother would probably say the snowman fashioned from Blu Tack that I gave her … last year (kidding!) 

TUL: What would you request for your last meal on earth?
Eye fillet, double creamed mash, red wine jus. Washed down with a great bottle of Victorian red, and a sticky date pudding chaser. 

TUL: What does a typical day look like for you?
There's no such thing right now. Which I kind of love. But there's sure to be some writing, editing, instagramming, eating and meetings in there somewhere. 

TUL: Favourite city… other than Melbourne? 
I reserve a special place in my heart for London. 

TUL: 3 places in Melbourne you couldn't live without? 
The City Wine Shop, Gibson's Wine Bar (oh dear, there seems to be a theme!), and Ellery & Co, my local brekkie haunt – the avo on toast is right up there. 

TUL: Favourite Melbourne coffee spot?
Of a weekday, Bar Ristretto or Tapa on Burwood Road on the way to work. On the weekends, Axil is worth the wait, and so is Proud Mary.

TUL: Favourite Melbourne restaurant?
It's like choosing your favourite child! I love San Telmo, Meatball, Mamasita, Cumulus, Huxtaburger for a quick grease hit and hip hop on high rotation. Rice Queen or Cookie for an Asian fix. Mazzitelli on Bridge for authentic Italian. And don't even get me started on brunch. 

TUL: Place for a drink? 
Siglo, my personal favourite CBD rooftop bar. Or Gibson's bottle-o/wine bar for something very low key (I think I have been there in trackydacks post spray tan). 

TUL: Biggest Indulgence? 
Food and wine. 

TUL: Latest Melbourne discovery? 
I am excited about an Ethical Grocer that's set to open in my hood. Stay tuned for my verdict!

TUL: What's next for TUL Melbourne?
Hopefully winning the hearts of the people of Melbourne!

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